President Museveni has blood of innocent Ugandans on his hands

Remains of innocent Ugandans who were  massacred by Museveni soldiers in Luwero

President Museveni’s hands are now laden with blood of innocent Ugandans that he killed during his guerrilla war and has continued to kill during his 27 years rule. He should know that human life is sacred and no one has a right to take it away.

It’s high time he stops the bloodshed and quit power. He’s just spelling doom for Uganda as he’s becoming more dictatorial and hungry for power, this has made him to think that he‘s the only one who can be the president of Uganda, which‘s an insult to Ugandans .President Museveni’s needs to know that no amount of political power is worthy any one’s life in Uganda, as we are having the worst service delivery in the world and the most corrupt administration since independence.

We have to exert pressure on our members of parliament to amend the constitution to remove the clause that gives impunity to the current president as this will make president Museveni to rethink about his course of actions and even it will make future presidents to become more accountable and make Uganda a better place. Now in Uganda all the problems we are facing stem from his bad leadership, Uganda’s now a dysfunctional state with a leadership deficit

President Museveni thinks that all Ugandans are gullible so gullible in that they can be fooled by his naked propaganda .He should know that keeping quite does not mean that we all naïve. We are just waiting for an opportune moment so that he can be put on trial.

We know who killed who President Museveni should know that Obote n ever had a gun therefore he ‘s the first suspect of the Luwero massacres with his NRA thugs .This does not mean that I was a supporter of Obote ‘s regime but the truth has to be told RIP.

Ugandans should remember that before Obote’s death on Monitor FM radio station Andrew Mwenda ‘s live talk show he was ready to face President Museveni and give a full account about the Luwero killing but only to be threatened by President Museveni. During the funeral service of the Late Pro. Ado Tiberwondwa in Bushenyi.

Kahinda Otafire boasted how NRM had fought the Luwero war using UPC T shirts! This was an admission that on top of targeting and killing UPC supporters, they used the party T shirt to unleash terror to the innocent civilians to make it appear that it was UPC causing mayhem.

President Museveni should also know that mere calling for forgiveness is not enough Ugandans want the truth to be told about who killed who in  Luweero so that these murders are held accountable ,as some of them are serving in his government and army and are being reward with promotions for continuing to killing people like General Kale Kayihura.

In Uganda now the only problem we have ‘s President Museveni, I just feel sorry for the people that were easily hoodwinked by Museveni to support him during the guerrilla war and lose their life’s. One of the reason he gave to go to the bush and declare a guerilla war against Obote’s government was election malpractices but now we are having the worst electoral abuses and malpractices, massive spill of violence that has denied many citizens a chance to express their electoral right ,use of incredible amount of money to bribe voters and imprisoning political opponents.

In fact the situation is worse off than it was during Obote’s rule ,this has made Ugandans to lose hope in the election process and now the only alternative now left to put an end to President Museveni’s disguising democracy{ mockery of democracy} is the use of force to get rid of him as it has now been proved beyond reasonable doubt that president Museveni’s is not willing to leave power come 2016.

It has also been ascertained that President Museveni’s NRM /NRA war guerrillas wanted to liberate themselves from absolute poverty that they had been trapped in for ages by 1986 these NRA/NRM liberators never had anything apart from rag tug clothes and guns that they used to kill and rob banks. Now in Uganda the so called NRM /NRA liberators thugs almost possess half of Uganda’s wealth that they have looted .With Museveni’s family owning capital shoppers super market.

As per now Museveni’s overriding goal now is preservation of the regime and protection of ill-gotten wealth .Many well-meaning Ugandans educated and illiterate have now realized that Museveni has little interest in the progress of Uganda, his political programmes have had little or nothing to do with real democracy his economic programmes are inconsistent and a bizarre .it’s now clear that the country has been taken for a ride

President Museveni has militarized everything in Uganda of recent on 25 June 2012 the 3rd. Bududa land slide museveni used his militaristic approach by deploying soldiers that were not trained in dealing with such emergency situations only armed with rudimentary garden tools hoes but no ambulance ,no earth moving equipment and no emergency helicopters during the first Budada land slide he went there in a full military attire with an AK 47 assault rifle this shows that we are having a leader who is inept

I think now Museveni ‘s beginning to have night mares as for the yesteryears he used to brag around calling himself names that have links with fighters, killers like sabarwanji

Monitor newspaper of 25 july 2012 runs a story of President Museveni’s confession

When will the Luweero truth be told in full?

For the past decades the NRM government has displayed skulls and remains of the victims of the Luweero bush war which brought President Museveni to power in 1981.

In Summary

Few Ugandans were surprised by Museveni’s public admission that his forces unlawfully killed Ugandans during the bloody guerrilla war in Luweero from 1981 to 1986.

At a gathering to celebrate 110th birthday of Asanansio Rutimbirayo, father to Chris Rwakasisi, a former Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Minister of State for Security from 1981-1985, President Museveni was reported to have called for forgiveness. In the same speech, Museveni allegedly admitted that his forces killed Ugandans or “UPCs” in the struggles for political power.

Few Ugandans were surprised by Museveni’s public admission that his forces unlawfully killed Ugandans during the bloody guerrilla war in Luweero from 1981 to 1986. There never

was any doubt that the National Resistance Movement / Army (NRM/A) guerrillas did their fair share of killings during the insurgency.

The government of the day documented the targeting, torture, confiscation of property and the extra–judicial killings of chiefs, civil servants, and UPC leaders and members in Luweero. However, in the last 26 six years, Museveni and the NRM/A stridently and consistently preached that it was the UPC government and the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) alone that killed people in Luweero. Over the past decades therefore, they presented the skulls and gruesome human remains from the Luweero atrocities as those of civilian victims of UNLA massacres.

Now that Museveni’s conscience is aching, leading him to admit to atrocities committed by his forces, truth-telling and accountability demands that Ugandans be told where and how the NRA disposed of remains of “UPCs” they killed.

Prisoners of war executed Furthermore; Museveni’s admission of complicity in murders is not news. On June 21 1995, while addressing NRM caucus on internal contradictions and unease over the possibility of the Constituent Assembly (CA) making constitutional provisions to return the country to multiparty politics, Museveni revealed that Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigyema summarily executed eight prisoners of war in 1983.

This was an obvious violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of captured enemy forces, and therefore, a war crime. But according to Museveni, he gave Rwigyema “severe reprimand”. Tellingly, neither Museveni nor any of his Luweero generals volunteered any such information to the Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations set up soon after they came to power in 1986.

In that speech, reference PO/32, page 5, Museveni revealed that: “In the bush there were always a lot of conflicts on big and small issues. I, for instance, banned the execution of prisoners of war. Among the peasant-minded NRA soldiers, whose idea of war was closer to tribal warfare than to a modern political war, this was a very controversial issue. They preferred revenge rather than justice, reconciliation and integration….. Some, like Fred Rwigyema, defied my order on some occasions.”

“After our successful attack on Luweero on the 16th of July, 1983, he executed 8 prisoners of war contrary to the NRA policy and my express orders because he had been “angered” by the death of some four of our people including junior officer, Kakwezi, who might have been a friend of Fred Rwigyema. …We did not always punish harshly some of these errors although, sometimes, we did. We mixed explanations with harshness. In this case, Rwigyema got a severe reprimand. This is one of the numerous cases of going against the official line of the NRA….”

There is no doubt about how critical getting the facts and truth about atrocities committed in Luweero, eastern and northern Uganda are to prospects for national unity and stability. Moreover, the need for national reconciliation cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, Museveni’s call for forgiveness is opportunistic posturing.

First, it is important to point out that Museveni pardoned Rwakasisi in 2009 from hanging. As a party opposed to the death penalty and Rwakasisi’s former party, the UPC welcomed the clemency but with mixed feelings.

While Rwakasisi came out alive, the late Hajji Sebirumbi, the former UPC Chairman for Luweero, was hastily tried and executed in 1994. Second, UPC cannot take Museveni’s call for forgiveness seriously hastily tried and executed in 1994. Second, UPC cannot take Museveni’s call for forgiveness seriously unless he recognizes the compelling need for truth telling and full accountability for belligerents on both sides implicated in rights violations.

Conversely, what we heard from Sheema, was quintessential Museveni attempting to short circuit necessary, inevitable national debate on truth telling and accountability by pre-

empting serious questions about his culpability in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by his armies in internal and external conflicts.

Massacres Internally, these include the massacre of 33 unarmed demonstrators on the streets of Kampala on 10 September, 2009; the genocide committed in northern Uganda (1986-2008); Mukura massacre (1987); atrocities committed during the war in the Luweero triangle (1981-1985); Ombachi massacre in West Nile (1981); the massacre of Muslims in Sheema, Ankole (1979); and only excepting the 1966 crisis. These have bled and continue to hemorrhage the spirit of our nationhood and subverting the notion of one people with a shared future and a common destiny.

In its 2011 campaign manifesto, the UPC declared that: “In order to achieve reconciliation and healing, it is imperative to carry out independent investigations about what happened in each of these painful episodes and ensure accountability for the atrocities and crimes committed. Accountability is imperative; regardless of which side of a particular conflict a perpetrator may have belonged; he or she must be held accountable.”

National healing and reconciliation hence, if Museveni is genuinely interested in national healing, unity and reconciliation, and forgiveness, he must be ready to go the full distance; he cannot cherry pick. All he needs now is the courage to join the UPC clarion call for immediate establishment of a National Commission for Truth-telling, Accountability and Reconciliation composed of eminent Ugandans and international jurists.

Anything less is politics as usual; but the UPC will not permit Museveni to prevaricate and inveigle on such critical rites of passage for the political and moral redemption of our country.

Since it is clear we can only reunite and heal our country through genuine truth-telling, accountability, and reconciliation; in light of Museveni’s public admission to NRA role in killings; as a party that Museveni and the NRM have targeted, demonized and vilified for all the atrocities; UPC demands for nothing less, but a serious process to independently establish the facts so the chips fall where they may.

And being a principal architect in inflicting many of these deep wounds on the body politic of our country, Museveni is morally and politically too inadequate to unilaterally dispense any justice or be a source of any meaningful forgiveness that can provide enduring basis to heal and re-unify the country.


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