Free and fair election will never be tested under dictator Museveni with his NRM party

Ugandans should  shun  2016 elections in order not to legitimize President Museveni ‘s fraudulent election.  
Having followed the  conduct of President Museveni, we  should not expect credible elections under his regime with its partisan electoral commission  and police .  This regime came to power guns blazing and under false pretense of rigged election, but up to nowt the  greed and thirst for power being exhibited by President Museveni  is still  phenomenal as in the  previous elections of 1996,  2001. 2006  2011 and up to now it looks to be as if  he has learnt  nothing and  forgotten nothing. President Museveni is now used to beating people into submission  using  security personal to cause election violence  such as  police  ISO, DSO   LDUs  armed militias   to terrorize Ugandans create  a state of fear among voters so that they can see him  as the custodian of security  . In the past elections  we have witnessed  soldiers being  deployed near voting booths to intimidate opposition supporters and the weak minded  voters especially in the  rural areas.   In Uganda president Museveni has brought a new  culture of violence in our society as it has already been reflected in constant violent strikes in schools.
As we winded up  2015 Museveni was back to  his  best with violence which we saw in Ntungamo this is something that had been brewing up for sometime .  Before this incident NRM had openly used under hand methods to undermine Mbabazi’s campaigns wherever he went. ,We saw Tumukunde with his chopper.  using taxpayers money bribing people not to attend Mbabazi’s rallies. The question is where do they get this money from. As our hospitals are rotting away. Museveni  is so obsessed with staying in power now he has gone an extra mile by renting  political crowds  The event in Ntungamo was an early  sign of telling Ugandans  to expect more violent times ahead. 
  After the   Ntungamo skirmishes   president Museveni while addressing the press at Mbale state Lodge called those that attacked NRM supporters idiots thugs promised that they will pay dearly wont hide unless they go to heaven .It may not be surprising that President Museveni may have judged, sentenced and guillotined Anie sending him to heaven as promised.According to some sources President Museveni wasn’t happy with Anie  after government sending him to guard and spy on Mbabazi .Anie  instead joined the Mbabazi camp and was the one identifying among the NRM demonstrators solders that  were among the demonstrators  this enabled the Mbabazi camp to give them a thoroughly beating that resulted into some of them being hospitalized . With these skirmishes the Electoral  Commission ‘s hands were tied because the provocative actions were organized by the NRM camp therefore it couldn’t do anything.Its only General Kale Kayihura that vowed to arrest Mbabazi s supporters that were defending themselves from NRM hooligans that had  thrown stones to their convoy as  best defence is defence itself .NRM members thought they had monopoly over violence but were taught a good lesson  .
 Now   Mbabazi is  having a dose of his own medicine this time  its being administered by his former boss Museveni. In  Kanungu his  home district  Mbabazi ‘s  posters  have  been  defaced with  Museveni s poster s nothing has been done by the concerned authorities , one of his supporters  Daniel  Ayugi of Abim was picked up by security operatives at Uganda house and tortured.  In Lira district Mr Okello was also harassed  and assaulted .Again in Bukedea district Mr James Aogon and Mr Okwii Isaac were  severely  beaten up dragged along the tarmac road  resulting in the loss of skin .
With what  Mbabazi s experiencing this may be a good lesson for those still serving the dictator that one day if they fall out with him they will face the same fate .
Ugandans should remember that in all the past elections  we have been experiencing election violence .I dont think this  is  new to make Mbabazi lament about mistreatment ,while still in government at no time did we hear him condemn state brutality that was being unleashed on Dr Besigye  as of   now he’s crying of state harassment.Ugandans should know that no regime lasts forever.   .All Ugandans need to stand up and condemn Museveni s brutal acts in the strongest terms possible   .We are requesting the international community to come out and help Ugandans to get rid of President Museveni before he begins his terror  on innocent Ugandans using crime preventers