Mutebile, corrupt ministers, MPs and Bassajabalaba have a symbiotic relationship with M7



Some should warn Karoro Okurut and Margaret Muhanga (Andrew Mwenda’s sister)that once Yoweri Kaguta Museveni(YKM) is out of office they will lose all the illegally acquired land without any compensation. Title deeds will be nullified the way it has been done and is still being done in Kenya. The good thing is that land is not a movable property. And even the buyers better be aware. The excuse that they bought from Karooro or Muhanga will not fly. And if you dig deeper where those women got their chits to go and lot public land, you will find that they got them from State House. Surprise!

And estates build on stolen or illegally acquired land will be torn down the way it has been done in Kenya where mansions were destroyed. Yes it is painful but for the sake of sanity it will have to be done. And it…

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