Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi – Why Tarnish His Name!

I call upon all my fellow Ugandans to give full support to dr. Aggrey kiyingi in this struggle for change in our motherland Uganda.


Since Aggrey Kiyingi announced that he will be participating in the 2016 Presidential Elections, so many things have been said about him, first by the current government of Uganda and so many other people in the media – electronic, print and social media.

On social networks, I have seen a number of posts coming out and up to abuse him, ridicule him, demonize him, calling him names. So many have brought out pictures showing his private life (some of those pictures are photo-shopped) and many have judged him negatively basing on those pictures. I have this to tell all those seeing and judging him in the negative:

Aggrey Kiyingi as a person is entitled to a private life and he is also a family man. What I have seen in all the pictures and videos (the genuine ones, not photo-shopped) is a person who loves his wife and his children…

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