Government implicated in spending Billions Shillings from public funds in new MPs bribe scandals.

ddungu Musa Evans.

Ugandans Mps are denying that they have not received the bribe of 103 millions which worthy billions of cash for public funds which is anew move by Museveni’s Government to silence the MPs and drop their fight against corruption, It is a habit of Museveni’s Government to give bribes to MPs whenever he wants to silence them from fighting corruption which has claimed billions of tax payers funds. Its now becoming common for President Museveni to miss use tax payers money to consolidate himself in power .

In 2005 he gave 5millions shillings to each member of parliament in order to remove the term limits which brought Museveni to cling on power. Of recent Museveni ‘s government has been caught in various scandals of stealing billions of shillings from Ugandan treasury and illegally approving billions of money to be paid to his business trusties which has exposed him as the…

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