Petitioning President Museveni and his NRM Leadership.




Petitioning  Yoweri Museveni and all the NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOMEVEMNT LEADERSHIP in Support of Respecting internal democracy and Freedom to pursue Leadership Positions

Whereas, the National Resistance Movement Organization constitution and the Constitution of the republic of Uganda both guarantee the people a right to petition the organization or government for a redress of grievances; and,

Whereas, members of the National Resistance Movement Leadership take an oath to support both Constitutions; and,

Knowing that the Members of Parliament from National Resistance Movement overwhelmingly passed an anti-democracy resolution barring any SENIOR party member from challenging the president for party leadership,

Also knowing for a fact that this part of the world as existed for many millions of years and shall exist for many more and that civilization has produced many leaders for all the years of the existence of the earth,

Whereas, we also understand that unchallenged power breeds Kingship and tendencies of seemly absolute monarchs, As history shows that legislatures have always created dictatorial leadership by endorsing resolutions that seeks to stop leadership challenge to seating leaders, this gave rise to Hafez Al-Asaad of Syria and Adolf Hitler of Nazi German,

Whereas, there is also history evidence that unchallenged leaders causes uncertainty in peaceful transition and discourages investment and this means poor social economical transition,

Whereas we know that the world is not ending with our generation and that we cannot solve all problems in our generation,

Whereas, the future of NRM party will be uncertain if leadership is not democratically changed and challenged and contested for as speculated in the party constitution; now, therefore, be it resolved:

That we the under signed hereby requests that the National Resistance Movement Organization Leadership positions be filled in accordance with the party resolutions.

That we the under signed hereby requests National Resistance Movement to drop any resolutions and or petitions that seek to undermine the internal democracy of the Country.