Ugandans should cry for their beloved country

Ugandans are now paying the price for  failing to listern  to the words of the Apollo Milton Obote   he  had warned   Ugandans of the danger of  allowing  Museveni to become  a president.

Obote  refereed to Museveni  as   a nonentity,  dangerous  ambitious, and  a liar, describing him as a danger to the existence of Uganda as a progressive nation-state.  Our polarized politics blinded us, made us deaf, and we ignored the patriotic warnings from Obote now we are paying the price.  Today many of us are speechless – because everything Obote warned about has come true.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama recently pointed out that, “…leadership does not change a person – it only reveals who the person is”. You would be forgiven for thinking she was talking about Museveni.  The 27 years he has been in power have not changed him.

He is the same man who thought barter trade was the magic wand that would solve Uganda’s economic problems.  He is the same man thought and still thinks ‘no party politics’ is the best form of democracy.  He is the same man who thinks he is the greatest soldier Uganda has ever seen – never mind that he didn’t attend any serious military academy.

In his delusion, Museveni thinks he is the one who saved Uganda from the bad leadership – even though he is the worst leader Uganda has ever seen.  What tangible and sustainable development project has Museveni initiated in 27 years?  NIL!

I was young during Amin’s time but I remember the ubiquitous UTC buses.  They even had subsidised student fares.  Makerere University was never as tribalised as it is today.  We had Mpooma satellite station; we had Uganda Airlines; our soldiers lived decent lives in the army barracks with subsidised groceries from the many army shops; we had vibrant Uganda Hotels in every town – the list is endless.

Love him or loathe him – that was part of Idi Amin’s legacy.   It’s impossible to talk about Uganda’s achievements without elaborating on the contribution of Dr. Apollo Milton obote the nation’s founding father. Some people may look at him as a polarizing figure in Uganda’s politics but his contribution will forever be in the annals of Ugandan history. Here are some of his achievements;
1 .Supporting and strengthening of marketing boards e.g. coffee marketing board, lint marketing boards
2 .Supporting cooperative societies, which are no longer existent thanks to m7
3 .He fought for Uganda’s independence through UPC
4 .Built the new Entebbe international airport
5 .Constructed soroti flying school were aspiring pilots where taught from
6 .Constructed airfields and aerodromes in the original 18 districts of Uganda
7 .International conference Centre and Nile hotel international ( now known as Serena)
8 .The national housing and construction company was started by obote’s regime
9 .East African airways
10 .Uganda transport corporation
11 .East African railways and harbors’ corporation
12 .Nation housing estates, which had junior and senior quarters..bukoto flats,bugolobi flats,wandegeya flats
13 .The ferry system..e.g. kalangala ferry,jinja pier,
14 .The railway network that covers most parts of Uganda e.g. the busoga railway loop,port bell railway link,railway from busia to gulu
15 .Constructed 22 health centers in each of the original post-independence districts plus 500 dispensaries in each of every sub county
16 .Constructed all the major regional hospitals that exist even up to today
17 .He built the national road network.. through tarmacked roads like; the Busia-Tororo-Mbale-Soroti-lira-gulu highway, kampala-gulu highway,kampala-mityana highway,ntungamo-kabale highway,jinja-kamuli highway,kampala-mbarara-ntungamo highway
18 .The national landline telephone and postal service system
19 .Animal resources industry was developed, for example the second largest abattoir in Africa was built in soroti during obote’s time
20 .Uganda’s economy grew at an annual rate of 8%,the highest in east Africa at that time
21 .The formation of organization for African unity, was partly due to obote
22 .Nationalization of some private enterprises
23 .Development of the tourism industry with a number of hotels under Uganda hotel
24 .Started television broadicasting and expand radio broad casting
25 .Transform Uganda credit savings society into Uganda commercial bank which was later sold by museveni
26 .Established the dairy corporation which was later sold by museveni regime to Sameer agricultural and livestock the makers of fresh dairy
27 .Established bank of Uganda,established ranches and the kibimba rice scheme

In short, Obote’s first stint in power laid the foundations of the Ugandan State that Museveni has now torn apart.  During his second coming, I have no doubt that Obote had the intention to start from where he had left in 1971 when Idi Amin overthrew him.

Obote kept the Ministry of Finance under President’s Office to ensure that national development funds are not misappropriated and diverted to fund party political activities the way the NRM is doing today.  Education was one of Obote’s top priorities.  Every region of the country had at least one or two very good secondary schools – and all of them had school trucks there was no need for you to run for Kampala schools as its the case today

I have no doubt in my mind that Museveni declared war against Obote not because Obote rigged the 1980 elections.  It was because Obote was too selfless and patriotic to be corrupted by Museveni’s poisonous ideas.  Over the last 27 years, we have proved more than once that incorruptible men are a threat to Museveni.

Over the last two weeks, following President Museveni’s cabinet reshuffle i have  seriously questioned myself whether my eyes and mind are functioning normally.  I could not believe that Ugandans were getting worked up by the gradual army takeover that happened with their implied consent.

Over the last 27 years, every aspect of government in our country has been taken over by the army.  Gen. Aronda Nyakairima is now the new Internal Affairs Minister.Just consider this for a moment: Every single civilian Ministry in the land has army or military intelligence operatives in key positions – and that is an incontrovertible fact.

Today, the Uganda Police Force only exists in name.  Nearly all the District Police Commanders in the country are young men and women who initially trained as army cadet officers.  The professional Iteso DPCs who dominated those offices for years are no more.

Of recent, news broke that the Ministry of Defence had taken over the corruption ridden national ID card project from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Soldiers will now be in charge of capturing our personal data and processing our IDs.

The only thing left is for Museveni’s son and heir apparent Brig. Muhoozi Keinerugaba to declare a transitional period of military rule to prepare the country for multi-party democracy – exactly as his father did.

The old Luwero war Generals like Tinyefunza, Tumwine, Koreta, Muhwezi, Katumba Wamala, etc are now powerless, docile, and in semi-retirement.  So there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop a “baby” who ‘s  thick headed like Muhoozi from ruling them the only support and brain he has is that of his father Museveni the mighty generals that were hunters have turned into prey in Uganda the situation is that  the hunter become the hunted ,what ‘s left for them is the pen and paper its no longer the gun. In fact majority of Ugandans are happy that Tinyefunza ‘s having all these problems as he has been responsible for the torture ,killings of Ugandans in the name of NRM .we request the UK government to help Ugandans by handing him over to the ICC court to answers charges for the killing in Northern Uganda instead of giving him protection.Tinyefunza’s case should work as a reminder to those that are in government ,members of parliament supporting bad policies, laws they should know that bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny one day they will be prosecuted under the same laws  for sure no one knew that Tinyefunza will ever fall out with Museveni  .President Museveni should know that the inevitable result of unnecessary censorship is a build up of silent resentment. The quickest way to force someone who talks into someone who acts, is to compel silence upon a subject that worries them; then, like steam in a pressure cooker, it is merely a matter of time before their suppressed anxieties erupt into action. The inevitable consequence of legislation that forbids any spoken, or written, expression of hatred, must be violence.

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