President Museveni plans a stage-managed palace coup‏

museveni and his gun

Above is Tyrant  Museveni lecturing MPs on how to use a gun at Kyankwanzi

While Obama who has been in power for 4 years ‘s assuring Americans that  the best is yet to come .In Africa one of the longest  serving ,greedy and power hungry President Museveni ‘s talking about the army planning a coup because of parliament demanding for a democratic separation of powers between the executive and legislature. During the NRM caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute at Kyankwazi  it’s  reported that President Museveni  said the military would not allow the ‘confusion’ in parliament to continue it would take over. He wants to create anarchy and later  appear as the pacifier Ugandans should remember thatt President Museveni has always said that the army can not overthrow him while he is in power.Now all of a sudden he claims the opposite .

Museveni has become too powerful and arrogant.  In his mind, he can do whatever he chooses, and whenever he chooses.  That is what impunity is all about.  Museveni’s talk of overthrowing his own government is quite simply diversionary nonsense.

I suspect that what he really means is that if parliament doesn’t stop giving him headache, then he will hand over power to his son “Brigadier” Muhoozi Keinerugaba – who in my view, is the de facto Army Commander.

As memory fades and the lies, corruption and other crimes catch up with  the regime; every words and statements that come out to divert attention are even more implicating It’s now very clear that these  people never ever had this nation at heart, it’s just a new generation  of hyenas and wolves trying to drain as much national resources as they  can hiding under the guise of democracy .These coup comments only show the true colors of President Museveni.
If he can get so irritated over Parliament recalls to the extend he  threatens  a Coup, then Ugandans should be prepared for the worst. President Museveni’s threat of a military takeover shows that Ugandans who think this  government can give them the democracy they want are mistaken and doomed .

Ugandans should know that military dictatorship has never funded democratic  practices and it will never happen in any of African countries, At times, we are mistaken when we see these things  happen in countries that are under military democracy then we begin  thinking that is the democracy under which we want to be governed

But now it seems Ugandans are now sick and tired of people  like President Museveni that think they owe them their  lives and  therefore they must put up with them and their mess or shut up.Its really demeaning of the army of this caliber to bring this idea to the  public domain and people should strongly be against it.President Museveni and his soldiers should stop intimidating everyone.The coup  talk by the president and General Aronda has just  exposed the pretense they  have had all along that they are a democratic government.

I wonder who told them that they have monopoly over the gun…?? Even the Oyite Ojoks of this world sat in the same chairs  like Aronda and made the same  threats but where are they now..? FIRST, it was under Gen. Muntu when the NRA/Museveni  military monolithic regime stated it would not recognize and salute him Dr. Ssemogerere and the DP to lead Uganda even if it were to win the elections way back in 1996. .

SECOND, again in 2001, the same military monolithic NRA/Museveni regime was used and thwarted the Uganda Court whereby the then chief justice was forced to reject Besigye to lead Uganda on the reason that the army would take power.

THIRD, good damn it, in 2006 the High Court though found a big flaw in that general election, it decided that, the military would take over the government. How absurd Uganda politics had turned to be?believe you are talking about the same army used by the absolute master to  arrest, intimidate Ugandans at political rally, walk-to-work protest!

This is, I believe, the very army that helps Museveni, their commander in  chief to maintain Ugandans in tribal groupings in order to dominate and  loot.

This is the army that started looting banks before they came to power while  closing schools & enrolling students, pupils, in their war! This is the army that introduced massive AIDS/HIV in  Northern Uganda thus killing  thousands through rapes & sexual relations without telling partners  they were infected!

The army take over talk by the commander in chief Museveni ,chief of defense forces Aronda Nyakairima  shows that UPDF  is a personal army & not an army trained to  maintain Ugandan’s   obedience to their master President Museveni.

President Museveni and his soldiers should stop intimidating Ugandans, We warn them,because i don’t think their threats to 35,000,000 people are  sustainable.They want to divert us from focusing on issues affecting  service delivery and transformation in Uganda like theft of public  resources,un professional police,collapse d health system,poor infrastructure and utilities system, dilapidated  schools,under funding of high education and lack of ideological  orientation by the party in power on which kind of country they want.