President Museveni has a case to answer in Nebanda ‘s death

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Tyrant Yoweri kaguta Museveni at his residence delivering new’s message.

After killing many Ugandans the serial killer President Museveni ‘s now panicking his actions and statements show that he’s guilty he’s now seen as a fountain of dishonour. In Uganda it has become a crime to express dissenting view with those of President Museveni as he has become complainant, prosecutor and judge. He should know that everyone has a right to agree and disagree being a president does not mean that you’re the alpha and omega of all things in Uganda .President Museveni being egocentric self serving individual believes that he ‘s the only one who’s a right in Uganda to express his views .Of recent Museveni said those who accuse his government of killing Nebanda were “idiots” and “fools” and promised to deal with them. But he should remember his friends words Ghadaffi when he called Libyans “Cockroaches”, “Rats” and how the rats made him scamper into trenches and tunnels.. In Uganda both government and police are suspicious people lost trust in the police ever since Kale Kayihura became the IGP recruiting criminal gangs and now its full criminal gangs that are used to stifle justice and democracy like Bwana Gilbert Arinaitwe

Ugandans had expected President Museveni as a parent ,human being to be touched show some compassion were innocent lives are lost but that was not the case as he seems to be obsessed with killing .President Museveni’s life has been about fighting and killing.His speeches are always dominated by killing in battles and his personal triumph over his enemies.That’s why the former president of Uganda Milton Obote used to call Museveni a gun man not a politician. Imagine up to now he has not shown any remorse for all lives lost in the many conflict circumstances associated with him.He has never apologized or showed regret for the loss of close to a million people in Luwero Triangle where his NRA rebels conducted a campaign of terror. In his recent reply to Charles Onyango Obbo’s article on Somalia, Museveni talked with pride about how his NRA annihilated the UNLA forces as they fought their way to power.

And when the northern Uganda insurgency erupted, he was at the fore-front – always boasting about how his NRA soldiers had massacred the rebels in the north.

While the country was shocked by the senseless massacre of close to thirty un-armed civilians during the so-called “Buganda Riots” of 2009, Museveni was upbeat about the murderous actions of his security forces. In fact, he even threatened to unleash the same brutal tactics if the riots occur again.

During the walk-to-work demonstrations, people lost their lives. Dr Kizza Besigye, his former personal doctor and friend, was brutalised to the point of death – but Museveni never showed an ounce of compassion or remorse.

His latest show of callousness and insensitivity was displayed in his last address to Parliament. As expected, any public address is all about himself! What was most absurd, however, was that he measured his greatness with the defeat of Joseph Kony and the Karamojong.

His insensitivity and thirst for blood has blinded him to the deep emotions and resentments that some of the victims of the Kony war still have in their hearts. For some of these people, that war was caused by a southern-based group of bandits (the NRA) whose sole objective was to revenge against the UNLA which was dominated by their sons.

That “revenge” saw millions forcefully herded into IDP camps, saw countless atrocities committed against innocent civilians, and saw thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths. For this group of people therefore, Museveni is as culpable as Kony.

There is no doubt that there are many traumatised souls in Karamoja who feel exactly like the group of northerners mentioned above. This conclusion acknowledges the most human fact that all violent conflicts cause death and leave many traumatised people in their wake.

So unless one is a psychopath, issues relating to such vulnerable victims of war often demand extreme caution and compassion, not bragging about how you caused their suffering. This partly explains why many people – including his NRM members are turning against him.

A few things to ponder over

1 When you went to Namirembe for the consecration of Ntaga;i he did not mention about Nebanda ‘s , as he thought it will go away. Which leader would have missed to convey shock !
2. When suddenly comments started flowing in he run to the family house of Nebanda to convey condolences
3 Then he issued a statement that NRM did not kill her
4 Then he issued statements intimidating anyone who dare spoke that his government killed Nebanda
5 Then he orders the arrest of the pathologist
6 Museveni’s wife then claims he’s innocent
7 Then you issue statements that Nabenda took drugs
8 Then you order arrest of Members of parliament

9 Why did government rush to publish Nebanda’s postmortem report in the papers instead of handing it to the family?

Being a simple psychology student I detect guilt in your actions

.10-How did Kayihura know Nebanda had died in a remote clinic so fast but failed to apprehend the boyfriend who was with her?

11 Before any investigation had been carried out, Museveni’s crony the so-called IGP Kayihura issued a statement claiming Nebanda had died of Narcotics and alcohol. How did he know and why hasnt Museveni not disciplined him for peddling false information without scientific proof?

12-.After tempering with samples that were not under the custody of his compromised police officers, Museveni now says the family can only use police samples. Where in the law does he derive the authority to determine how a family handles its investigation of the death of one of its members under suspicious circumstance?



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  1. high time ugandans woke up and got rid of the monster. there are so many ways of killing a rat and its up on us ugandans to find one.
    I am tired and heavily tired more than any other ugandan, considering how the regime has riged the economy of the country.

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