Museveni a dishonest leader will not spare anyone as he takes NRM Cerinah Nebanda’s life

Its believed that  every corrupt act  in Uganda  now is politically sanctioned  by President Museveni, as he has become the  god father of  the corrupt NRM cadre thieves  that are assured of his   sanctuary after looting that ‘s why in the recent OPM scandale. President Museveni came out to protect another NRM cadre, tribemate, born and a rised in Rwanda permanent secertary Bigirimana under a lame excuse of him being a  whistle blower. This whistle-blowing is  nonsense, its just like  a serial killer calling the police and plays the eyewitness to lead the police into a wild goose chase. The world should know that President Museveni  has a history and track record in raising false alarm, and leading in wild goose chase. Bigirimana has perfected the art of whistle blowing when actually he’s the culprits .  Members of Parliament  overwhelmingly voted to have Bigirimana kicked-out over the scam that has since seen the country suffer aid cuts. Surprisingly up to now he’s  still in office and  working normally as if nothing happened, yet  he is the overseer.  These Funds were for the Government Marshal Plan to reconstruct Northern Uganda  being channelled through the Peace Recovery and Development Programme (PRDP), a programme under the OPM, funded by donors. This money was meant to help  the poor people in Northern Uganda that have been affected by President Museveni’s reign of terror for the last 26 years. President Museveni should  stop abusing the intelligence  and good will  of  Ugandans.
In this fight to end President Museveni ‘s repressive, corrupt regime many Ugandans will lose their lives , as he ‘s a man who is intolerant if you happen to fall out ,criticize him  just look at the suffering Besigye has under gone through he has been linked to  various rebel groups like the People’s Redemption Army (PRA)  that operated in Democratic Republic of Congo, was arrested and charged with treason, later  rape. As a man who believes in elimination he will use all possible means to get rid of you this time he ‘s not sparing  members of his own party he ‘s like a sword that can cut using both sides  the National Robbery Movement (NRM), Now a young legislator with an independent mind  has become a  new victim the Butaleja woman Mp Cerinah Nebanda  after challenging   President Museveni when he claimed that the situation of health centres in Uganda has improved by telling him that its not the case as they lack drugs , Which did not go well   with Museveni ,she was a strong pillar in the fight against corruption and among members of parliament that were against the oil bill. Ugandans are all pointing a suspecting finger at President Museveni’s government as it has been found of killing people in cold blood since the bush war  up to now and even  of recent he was in Russia  were deadly poison is used to kill  government critics  like Alexander Litvinenko   even his statement ‘s are suspecting According Monitor News paper Museveni  warned that the government would arrest anybody claiming it had a hand  in Nebanda’s death. “When you malign the government and interfere with  the work of the police and you spread lies, then, the laws can handle  you because police investigations are protected by the law,” Why ‘s President Museveni on the defensive   he should know that up to now the cause of death is still being   investigated .This means that anybody including his government is still  suspect  until the independent investigation are out  therefore he has no authority to say that his government is innocent instead of threatening people just prove to them that you are innocent  We are compiling a list of those who have died mysteriously and his government had a hand. Another issue that makes Ugandans to point a figure at Museveni’s government is the Uganda police full of NRM cadres  handling of Cerinah Nebanda post -mortem and statement made that she died of drug overdose yet medical practitioner ruled out drug abuse and natural causes. Cerinah Nebanda’s death shows how rotten the Uganda police has become now being headed by a killer, murderer major General Edward Kale Kayihura  aUPDF solider who’s among those who  have the blood of many thousands of  Uganda people on their hands. In order to protect and defend the killers the Uganda police just arrested Dr Onzivua, who was hired by Parliament to do an independent forensic investigation, as he was heading   to South Africa, where he was supposed to take some samples for further tests. The doctor’s arrest, shows  that all was not well and that  government wants to bury the truth.if you cant trust government with samples of a dead body then how can you trust them with Money ,oil President Museveni should know that he will not muzzle our mouths we shall use all possible media to tell the world about his repressive regime .
President Museveni  is presiding over the most corrupt and inefficient government that Uganda has ever seen.  The infrastructure has collapsed, good health services exist only in our distant memories, our education system is hopeless, unemployment is endemic ,26 mothers die in child birth per day, 80,000 kids die every year from preventable diseases (in ten years you have a number equal to the Rwanda genocide of 1994), children study under mango trees for lack of classrooms, limited agricultural extension services and supply of electricity is only to eight percent of our people. With these problems  Uganda need every coin of public funds to serve its citizens. Instead now we see a pattern of actions where the interests of the many have been usurped by the greed of a few NRM cadres.
President Museveni’s ,Corruption has become too deeply entrenched infact his mustard seed has grown  to the extent that now corruption in Uganda also involves “small people”: like  nurses at local clinic who sell  patients drugs that are meant to be free; to a head teacher at a rural primary school who pockets the capitation grant; the traffic police constable on the street who lets an offender go free in exchange for kintu kidogo i.e. a bribe; the agricultural extension worker who does not show up for his job but earns a salary.
As a corrupt leader President Museveni  has now gone to Russia to negotiate and seal  personal Oil deals . In order to avoid transparency he has now turned to Russia as its not a member of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative  that requires companies in the extractive sector and those endowed to publish what they pay and receive, respectively. Russia is neither compliant nor candidate of EITI, implying it has no obligation to disclose transactions in its oil and gas industry. This shows that Ugandans will not benefit from oil. He is now treating   our oil as his personal property, looks at  it  as a personal and family business, probably this is the  reason why his wife, who had missed previous parliamentary sittings that used to debate  the oil bill,  Museveni’s son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, is the overall commander of the oil protection unit and his young brother, Gen Salim Saleh has a  private security firm, Saracen,  that provides  the bulk of guards. So oil in Uganda is  a Museveni family business and dont be surprised that he will come out to claim oil as he ‘s found of claiming for everything in Uganda. In fact now his party NRM has turned into National Robbery Movement, public resources are ordinarily stolen to reward his cadres and regime sycophants. The patrons and their clients are rewarded and sustained through political appointment (e.g. as presidential advisers, chairpersons and members of commissions, ministers, RDCs etc). These privileges serve as a reward and political investment for the next round of electors. Now in Uganda regime supporters or “cadres” in this case, are placed in strategic positions – usually the ones with a lot of resources, so that they can help to syphon them for purposes of building a political base for Museveni’s regime like 2010 Temangalo land scandal involving Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was the first case that possibly exposed the lack of political will to fight corruption. At the height of this scandal, a caucus meeting for National Robbery Movement [NRM]  was called at State House, Entebbe, where a decision was taken to defeat the Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises report implicating the ministers involved. Again, the ministers who were implicated in the 2007 Chogm scandals survived through the party caucusing and others who, with tainted images, have since been re-appointed in key Cabinet positions. President Museveni  planted the mustard  seed of corruption in 1986 and now it has now grown. In all these ‘grand’ corruption scandals Ugandans  have lost billions of shillings that would have helped the productive sectors of the economy and possibly reverse the trend of poverty. And yet when you look at the naked facts, is that  26 years of Museveni’s rule,  Uganda’s  heavily indebted, it begs for budget support every year, it has a huge trade deficit, and it has weird economic policies. In Uganda, its not raining but pouring, Museveni has now ordered that Shs 38.8 billion of taxpayers’ money  from the consolidated fund be used to pay back billions of shillings stolen in the Office of the Prime Minister by his NRM cadres. I would like to take this opportunity to humbly request the European Union, United Kingdom, the World Bank, Austria and other development partners to continue  suspending the  $300m (about Shs806.3b)  budget support if President Museveni uses tax payers money to pay the money stolen by his NRM cadres . We concerned citizens have had enough of his corruption

We should demand for term limits to national presidency  that can restore sanity in Uganda. Right now, there is no political accountability as the corrupt steal to be able to strengthen themselves. The actions of the present ‘gang of thieves’ in the NRM government are worst than terroism. If those actions are not some form of terroism, then I do not know how to call them. Uganda  badly needs term limits to be restored and perhaps a regime change leading to a complete overhaul of the entire hoax system and perhaps send a clear and an unequivocal message to this clientele network of thieves NRM cadres . I now believe that Regimes, especially those which emerge through revolution or rebellion like NRM go through natural cycles. NRM is past it’s corruption phase. It is now decaying and because it is undemocratic with little or no redeeming qualities it will continue to do so until such a point that a new dispensation emerges. As to how long that is it is anybody’s guess. Clearly this order of affairs is unsustainable, incapable of continuing forever.If the government declares war on corruption it is declaring war on itself.

President Museveni as a dishonest leader up to now he has failed to tell Ugandans his place and date of birth  and now its a crime to pose  a question .If President Obama can be questioned about his place of birth what about President Museveni whom majority of Ugandans believe he was born in Rwanda
Its surprising that up to now  President Museveni still believes that his ideas should never be challenged, and   he is entitled to lead till death?meaningless, and a drawback to our country’s progress.  Uganda deserves a leader who ‘s  rich at heart, not impoverished  leader like President Museveni  who looks at the treasury as a salvation from poverty. Uganda deserves a honest and trustworthy leader – and Museveni is not that person.
Each president comes with different ideas and competences, and he/she pushes the country from one level to another level.  President Museveni over staying in power has become  World over countries are changing leaders except Uganda.  Since Museveni came to power, the USA has elected three Presidents and i believe thatMuseveni’s departure from the political scene will finally give Ugandans the freedom to elect their leaders through transparent and competitive process – one where individual parties and prospective leaders would have to prove their abilities, commitment to the country, and the plans they have for the countryRepressive regimes do not endure change willingly-and  Uganda is not an exception.Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven ~A time to give birth, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to uproot what is planted. A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to tear down, and a time to build up. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance. A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, and a time to shun embracing.A time to search, and a time to give up as lost; A time to keep, and a time to throw away.A time to tear apart, and a time to sew together; A time to be silent, and a time to speak. A time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace. What profit is there to the worker from that in which he toils? I have seen the task which God has given the sons of men with which to occupy themselves”. Just remember.. Cerinah Nebanda rest in peace you have laid a foundation for country we shall continue build on it Uganda will miss you

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