Museveni the God father of corruption is talking now

Recently Museveni cried to his corrupt NRM officials to stop  said that politicians are taking advantages of the present democracy in Uganda which he fixed together with security to frustrate his development and warned to give more attention on thieving politicians and civil servants who frustrate development. Museveni made the comments when passing out 430 cadet officers who underwent one year of training at the military Academy, Kabamba on Saturday.

Mr. Museveni in his speech said “Uganda has undergone a lot of changes. We went through liberation struggles and there is now peace. Democracy is now entrenched, we are building the country and therefore, the situation is good. However, the problems of Uganda are two: politicians and civil servants,”

“I want to use this function to appeal to them to repent because the kingdom of God is about to come and I cannot accept those who frustrate development because there is democracy.”

Although President Museveni continued the  applause of the  state of democracy in Uganda,  evidence on his government’s continuous clamping down on legitimate opposition activity  hangs  his democracy claims on balance as critics say stumping on freedom of speech is hurting the country as it is taking us back in those old days of 1980s.

Museveni’s speech angered many activists as it came at a time where Opposition politicians are being picked up daily and clobbered like criminals by his brutal Special Forces and police simply because they are exercising their democratic and constitutional rights.  Many Ugandans have already tested the menu on Museveni’s military terror machine.

Museveni doesn’t respect democracy as he continues to show citizens that he is a determiner of life and death in Uganda. Innocent blood is being spilled every day, by the security forces on Museveni’s orders as he wrests with Ugandans who have openly come out to oppose his reign of terror and demanding that the regime be brought to account as witnessed in Northern Africa and in the Middle East.

Also Corruption in state house and public offices remains high with billions going unaccounted for or embezzled, according to government watchers and accounts from the Auditor General’s annual reports, Billions of shillings of taxpayers’ money is stolen every day  and all culprits are always given protection the state house.

According to information obtained from one of the daily monitor Uganda, a racket of senior NRM staff in the ministries of Public Service and Finance paid out at least million Sh63 billion to 1,000 ghost pensioners while the army lost Shs263 million last year in the same scandal, it hurting because this money is more than enough on the amount of cash needed by ministry of health and that wanted to treat Nodding disease children in northern Uganda.

Museveni should understand that as far as state house continue to  fail to account for the 300 million Ugandan shillings they took for poverty alleviation, Ugandans will not take his request to statements on corruption seriously , Our problems in the country, starts with Museveni’s as person and Museveni’s head of state. He is fond of blaming others while he is the main architecture in all Ugandan problems.

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