Museveni masterminds insecurity to keep himself in power.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni should know that his attempts to make peacefull revolution impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable. I  would like to provide useful and insightful information to new comers in the weird world of President Museveni’s reign of terror and the politics in Uganda .President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni came to power by violence and has retained power through the use of coercive machineries, I venture to suggest that the abuse of State Power in Uganda is intertwined with Museveni’s insecurity of tenure and his lack of trust for democracy as a means of governance

Museveni’s abuse of State Power has not only occurred in Northern and central Uganda but it has also been practiced in every part of Uganda, despite holding onto power for the last 26 years, he has not been able to bring about total peace in the country, not even through his vowed policy of revolutionary violence.

President Museveni does not understand the word freedom and democracy to him anybody with an opposing view is an enemy to him, domination and force is the only thing he understands and has mastered . His sympathizers try to bulldoze Ugandans force them to follow his   shallow opinions with his phony arguments about his claim of bringing development in Uganda. Yet the development that has occurred has been private sector driven development built on stolen funds, robbed from the Ugandan tax payer by President Museveni new created middle class full of thieves like Salim Saleh Otafire  Basajabalaba Mbabazi Muhweze Mukula , some of these middle class have benefited from presidential directives that undermine established laws and procedures leading to loss of billions of tax payer’s money to these NRM thieves .The problem in Uganda is the persistent usurping of powers by the executive.

When someone comes out to challenge them  they silence him by putting him in safe houses, tear gas innocent civilians, and death by the bullet. president Museveni should know that the truth will never be silenced and so Ugandans have to  fight  for change.

  Uganda for the last 26 years has received billions of dollars in aid, grants, international debt cancelled and foreign direct investment, all backed by favourable western diplomatic and media coverage and support, but all there is to show for it are a few high-rise buildings in Kampala owned by NRM thieves, awkwardly located, a shabby capital city, averagely designed houses in the midst of squalor and garbage, and outside Kampala City central business district, the rest of Uganda has the appearance of rust, decay, poverty and stagnation

It has come to my notice that every year government spends at least $150 million (about Shs377 billion) on treatment of mostly top government officials abroad,This figure is almost equal to the Shs397.31 billion donors contribute towards the country’s Shs985.5 billion health budget.

The fact that treatment abroad costs nearly half of the entire budgets of two key ministries health and education exposes the government in terms of its priorities, All this shows that the longer President Museveni stays in power the more costly he becomes to Uganda in terms of resource wastage .

I remember in 1986 when President Museveni had just come to power ,he was busy condemning the previous government of lavish expenditure on  furniture, cars accumulating Uganda’s foreign debt but now the situation is worse than before, for the period he has been  in power the only thing he has done symmetrical is to deliberately destroy all the hospitals, yet before he came to power, Uganda had the best health facilities well stocked with drugs and we never had ministers going a broad for treatment even Museveni and these ministers during the bush war were treated by our local doctors,President Museveni has brought in Uganda anew culture of greed ,corruption ,moral decay and waste all these are  thriving under his rule.

All the 26 years tyrant Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in power his brutal regime has continuously been facing resistance, in most parts of the country, unmatched by any past experience, because when his national resistance movement under his command matched in kampala most Ugandans who knew the type of person Museveni was, like the late lutankome Kkayira and Nkwanga knew that Museveni was going to implement a policy of protracted warfare as a means of deliberate use of violence to, allegedly, liberate the people, This is a policy espoused by Museveni as enunciated in his essay ‘Fanon’s Theory on violence: Its Verification in Liberated Mozambique’ published in 1969 that ‘s why now we are having abrutal police force. Museveni’s authoritarianism underpinned by a propensity for violence.

When discussing Frantz Fanon’s theory of Violence as presented in Fanon’s ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ in Tanzania, Museveni quotes and lauds and recommends the use of violence by citing what Fanon says:”Violence alone, violence committed by the people, violence organised and educated by its leaders, makes it possible for the masses to understand social truths and gives the key to them.”

when Museveni was interviewed by the magazine ‘New African’ of September 1980, he expressed his wish for the war against Amin to have lasted longer as he said,”Frankly, I would have preferred a much more protracted struggle. That would have given us time to sort out most of the problems we have now. As it was, the struggle was short and there were other people involved in it. It was a mixture of guerrilla warfare and conventional war by the Tanzanian army. So in my view, the process of deliberate use of violence to liberate the people was really not consummated. It was pre-empted by a quick victory and that is why we still have quite a number of problems. A more protracted struggle would have been the best”.

From the above utterances Museveni shows to what degree of importance he attaches the resolution of issues and the achievement of a successful system of governance through violence that ‘s why any small protest against him he will bring out black mamba ,order police to terrorize civilans carry out vicious acts ,do degrading things like molesting women

Today in Uganda there are many people in prisons most of whom were arrested and imprisoned unfairly and government has failed to free all political prisoners unconditionally as a sign of genuine peace, reconciliation and democracy. all the laws passed to protect the citizens and prevent corruption are broken  . For the 26 years of President Museveni’s reign in power he has been using insecurity to create fear among citizens and at the same time terrorizing Ugandans in order to keep himself in power through his violent policy.

Now he ‘s using the old colonial laws to refuse people to exercise their constitutional rights like the right to protest by showing their disatfication to his government of recent he used the Attorney General Peter Nyombi to issue an order banning the pressure group Activists for Change (A4C) and their activists .With all these things unfolding in  Uganda people should prepare for “worse times”like those in Syria .if President Museveni believes in the rule of law  and felt that Action for change A4C deserved to be banned, his government should have argued its case before the courts of law but not act arbitrarily

President Museveni should know that nowhere in the world did banning political activism ever permanently stop agitation.All this was tried  during pre-colonial Uganda or during former dictator Idi Amin’s time but it did not work, In apartheid South Africa In Egypt and Burma .I call upon all Ugandans to continue pushing on with their activism. After all what they’re doing they‘re following the law ,people have power to peacefully demonstrate and throw out a dictatorial government of thieves.The pro Museveni –European union countries this time  should abandon him and join Ugandans to end President Museveni’s mismanagement and killing in Uganda

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