President Yoweri Mueveni ‘s accumulation of wealth surprises Ugandans‏

Tyrant Dictator Yoweri Kaguta  Museveni ‘s photo  before coming to power in 1986

President Museveni should reveal how he acquired this wealth, yet by 1986 he was landless, without shelter, poor like a church mouse, the only wealth he had was an AK 47 Kalashnikov that he had used to butcher Ugandans during the 1981-1986 bush war.

But now surprisingly President Yoweri Museveni’s being ranked the 12th richest person in Africa, his wealth is estimated at $1.7bn followed by former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as the richest with $65b, followed by former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi at $56billions, According to the document leaked to, website.

As Ugandans we are concerned as we have been trapped in poverty for the last 26 years of President Museveni’ s reign, yet people who were destitute with absolutely nothing now almost own 90% of Uganda wealth and surprisely these are not business men but politicians NRM cadres.

We have a right to question their source of wealth, tax remittance to Uganda revenue authority, I feel that Museveni’ s massive accumulated wealth within the shortest period of time will work as a lesson for Ugandans to move out of poverty if it was acquired genuinely. We know that President Museveni has pocketed some dollars from his bogus investors and unscrupulous state house deals.

Let me take this opportunity to join our FDC leader Dr Besigye to request the International Community to freeze Museveni’s family wealth and that of his top lieutenants, issue sanctions against government agents, form an international human rights body to monitor and try human rights abusers like what the ICC court does.

Help Ugandans to pass strong laws that will help citizens stop corruption and ensure the money is used to lift millions of people out of poverty, Since 1986 Uganda has witnessed a small group of people NRM the so called liberators accumulating wealth while most of the population is wallowing in poverty.

With example of the Arab spring the downfall of African dictators is now inevitable, i think the donor countries would give African countries a gift by allying with ordinary people that are trying to fight these corrupt, repressive regimes.

Having accumulated all this wealth President Museveni is so desperate as the only way to maintain it’s by clinging on power President Museveni has turned Uganda resources to be like those of an animal a carcass were NRM vultures have a right steal he has given privilege to his NRM cronies/ vultures to steal and oppress Ugandans as long as they keep him in power those that excel in stealing are rewarded with ministerial posts.

Now we need to come out and make him to account for every single penny on his account, we should put an end to this illegal accumulation of wealth Tyrant Museveni has built up an empire of corruption that has ruined our country beyond repair, This engine of corruption and repression that he rides on has helped his stay in power for the last 26 years.

It has weakened every institution in Uganda, evidence of this is seen on a daily basis, that every issue in the country supposedly to be handled by the government officials, citizens is instead referred or petitioned to the president even trivial issues.

 He has become the Supreme Court Judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the juror and penalty executioner President Museveni has instilled a culture were Ugandans believe that no one can prosper without stealing.

President Museveni’s bad leadership is turning Uganda into failed state that needs to be redeemed either using peaceful protest or violence ,Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The vast majority of Ugandans are farmers on small plots of land which are used for subsistence agriculture or for the cultivation of cash crops such as coffee and tea. In Uganda 69 percent of the population lives on less than US$1 a day and the majority of this limited income (63 percent) is spent on food.

Most Ugandans have to work 2 or 3 jobs simply to survive, often even to secure a standard of living below the poverty threshold. Moreover, one or more of these jobs are often within the informal sector which draws taxation.

Museveni’s government spends only 1.9 percent of its GDP on health; the majority of Ugandan citizens struggle to acquire even the most basic health, there are only 4 doctors and 28 nurses per 100,000 people.

Nonetheless, the government Citizens die of simple diseases due to lack of basic medical attention and simple drugs such as aspirin, patients are required to buy their own gloves.Yet Dictator Museveni’s family and his henchmen when they have a medical issue such as delivering a baby, they fly to Germany or Spain now it has become a common practice in government clinic to prescribe drugs for patients requesting them to buy them elsewhere.

All they can get from these facilities is just a mere confirmation that they’re indeed sick. The rest is there business, Medicine is a luxury, this situation has been exploited by some private individuals who have set up private clinics around government hospitals were the poor Ugandans can resort to.

The situation in our public hospitals is so dire that those with a little more money have shunned them and opted for private health facilities while the poor are left at the mercy of poorly paid and facilitated medical workers, and hospitals with no medicines.

Our hospitals are a shadow of what they used to be 26 years ago, for the ordinary Ugandan it is a sentence to death With such an appalling health situation President Museveni has decided to sentence some Ugandans to a slow death by only allocating 9.8% of the budget (2011/2012) to health, which is far below the 2001 Abuja Declaration’s recommendation of 15%,While allocating defense 36.5 % of the 2011 budget with the aim of clinging on power.

Now in Uganda the number of police CSF armored tear gas trucks is greater than ambulances, every district has a CSF armored tear gas truck packed with fuel but without an ambulances ,those districts that are lucky to have an ambulance do not have fuel, yet police trucks have full tank .

It’s this injustice and deprivation that ‘s making Ugandans to get tired of President Museveni , He ‘s wasting tax payers money on his escalating patronage system, huge military establishments and propaganda

The IGG office should also take action against President Museveni by penalizing him , confiscating his property, removing him from office as he under declared his wealth
In 2002, Museveni declared his wealth as required by the Leadership Code. At the time he stated that his annual income then was sh48.2m.

He declared that his property included his land at Katonga, Ssembabule district valued at Shs240m, land at Katwe Kambwa in Maddu, Mpigi district valued at Shs59m, residential houses at Rwakitura valued at Shs600m and land at Nyabushozi valued at Shs70m. The President is also quoted to have said he did not have property outside Uganda.

Rating Museveni at that time, according to his declaration, one would take him to be merely Shs969m rich, which is equivalent to $387,600 at the current exchange rate.
However, the new rating of Museveni’s riches at $1.7bn is over 4000 times more than what he declared to the office of the government ombudsman

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  1. Alas! All the wealth acquired legally or illegally by NRM leaders and their cronies will one day come to pass. The current status quo in the World can attest to the fact that the oppressed and exploited are slowly and gradually getting to know their rights. It is a matter of time before this cancer of corruption,dictatorship,nepotism and tribalism afflicting the NRM will eat up to its bone~marrow! This article,if true,is just a drop in the ocean of the cancer that has engulfed the entire system.

    • not surprised coz I have witnessed strong men leave the earth. so wat is so unique about Sevo? his army is just a number but far from the technical americans. I remember when the army took time to react wen Kony thought camping in Teso was going to be good for him. To my surprised the Iteso through Musa Ecweru and others from the land of Teso organised local people to denounce kony and ashamed the army. people who are the making the army strong are from east, north and west nile. the rest are wolox

  2. he has gunnered enough and absolutely nothing is left for the rotten poor Ugandans. God have mercy and throw this regime now now now

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