Panda gali’ is back in town by non but Museveni‏, History all over again

 Photo showing president Musevni  left at the top and police  brutaly arresting , torturing  innocent civilians recently in Kampala.

Panda gari is back in town by non other than President Museveni’s true colour of the self claimed freedom fighter  Yoweri kaguta Museveni are now out. we have a saying in our language that” the higher the monkey climbs the tree the more it exposes its bums” President Museveni’s acts remind Ugandans of the notorious Special Forces of Late President Milton Obote who used to used to shoot and killed citizens on broad day light.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government record ‘s clear as far as killing, torture and secret detention is concerned . This comes after him militarizing the police, appointing fellow tribe mates to head all departments in the police, His tribesmen are systematical unleashing terror on Ugandans that are left defenseless in the hands of the merciless dictator with no one to run too.

According to The Daily Monitor 25march 2012;Business along Ben Kiwanuka street came to standstill for the second time in less than a week as police arrested 50 people in connection with the death of a police man John Michael Ariong.

A number of Ugandans have pointed their fingers to the government as having sacrificed John Michael Ariong’s life in order to have excuses to use force, come up with trumped charges against members of the opposition, behave viciously just like they have been doing in an attempt to stop members of Action for change (A4C) to continue demonstrating against President Museveni’s bad leadership.

This time the panda gali did not spare both the rich and poor, as the net caught the big and small fish like poor tea girls, boda boda and passersby, even one member of Kwagalana group an association of wealthy businessmen and women that are found of funding President Museveni ‘s presidential campaigns fell a victim of his wrath. this may be aleason to them to realize that investing in President Museveni is not viable as the situation in Uganda ‘s gloom and doom .

These panda gari  show that there ‘s no any difference between past dictatorial government of Obote and Idi Amin, infact President Museveni’s government is worse in human right abuses even Idi Amin never had a kibooko squad, Idi Amin never inflicted physical harm like what Museveni’s men have done. We should liberate our country and stop the trend of events happening in Uganda, deteriorating human rights abuses.

Some of us still have the vivid memory of people being rounded up by armed forces and up to now these families have never seen these people again, some of us were spared because we were wearing school uniforms, yet President Museveni who was a guerrilla fighter by then also shares blame for causing instability that resulted into these arrests.

In Uganda the government position is clear it’s all about avenge should an armed officer be killed, the armed forces have the right to avenge for the death of any of there member in an operation, yet many Ugandans have lost their loved ones in similar manners being killed by army officers and police.

Infact the death of John Michael Ariong should remind Ugandans of the recent orchestrated killing by the state like in 2009 50 people were killed by government forces in their attempt to stop Kababka Mutebi from touring Bugerere, as if these killings were not enough again 10 were shot dead by Presidential protection unit (PPU) under the command of his son Muhoozi at Kasubi tombs, during the walk to work a pregnant woman, innocent young child aged 2 years was killed and 20 people were killed.

This is a lesson to Ugandans that think that President Museveni can redeem himself, let us join hands to have President Museveni the vampire out. We should continue to oppose and fight Museveni’s government these threat of red line being given by senior police commander like Okoth Ochola will not stop us, it’s our constitutional right.

I wonder what kind of training Uganda’s policemen go through these days. The only thing they are good at is unleashing horror, disrupting peaceful rallies organized by the opposition and shooting at people. They have never successfully investigated any serious crime and brought the culprit to book.

When a criminal offence is reported to them, they open a file ,give it a number and put it on the shelf No further action is taken. But when Dr. Besigye passes by they spring into action to prevent him from walking. They fire live bullets and tear gas at the public and cause untold havoc to everyone in the area: to them that is policing. They have forgotten that they must contact themselves as professionals

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  1. This shows how disperate Dictator Museveni has become, police has no right to refuse people from protesting, Museveni and Kayihura must stop misusing the police to break the law. why now does he come up with such penalties? Today is Boda Boda next time will be pedestrian, taxis.

  2. We must fight this man and his chieves members, because he think that we are idiots as he said before,akuume…

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