President Museveni being insensitive and running a “bottomless pit

Ugandans are suffering while president’s office adopt a new habit   of  requesting supplementary budgets  to finance president Museveni’s lavish lifestyle  .State house is  requesting 92 billion Ugandan shillings [$39m] in additional funding to run its activities. This comes just five months after State House already asked for a supplementary budget of 66.6bn [$28.3m]. This is, to put it mildly, outrageous.

The request comes just weeks after the government announced that it is refusing to increase spending (except for the security sector). The government had offered to increase teachers’ salaries by only 15 percent, an offer rejected by the teachers, who were demanding a 100 per cent raise. Part of the money will be used to pay for special meals and drinks, welfare and entertainment
It is now clear that Supplementary Expenditures is greatly misused by the NRM Government and it is clear this is where a lot of funds leak leading to inflationary tendencies in the economy.
Time is now to phase out the Supplementary Expenditures and instead have a small percentage of each Ministry Official Budget set a side for unforeseen contingencies. The people in Ministry of Finance and those under the Permanent Secretaries by now know how the financial aspects move and the level of unforeseen happenings which call for address. One reason why we are witnessing a depreciating currency is Government failure in monetary discipline which is regrettable given the technical staff in the Ministries.
 It will make a lot of sense if a law is made and passed outlawing the Supplementary Budget practice in Uganda    Here’s more from The Daily Monitor piece:

If approved, the State House budget will balloon to more than Shs158.6 billion [$67.3m] — more than twice the 2011/12 Budget for Mulago National Referral Hospital. This money would meet the Shs75 billion [$31.8m] required to answer teachers’ demands for a 100 per cent salary increment.

(The photo above shows Maternity ward and Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda’s largest.) Meanwhile, the northern part of the country is being ravaged by a strange disease referred to as “nodding disease.” Of the 7 billion shillings [$2.9m] requested by the Ministry of Health to address the outbreak, the government only released a miserly 100m [$42,436]. The ministry’s supplementary budget for tackling the outbreak is being delayed amid reports of bureaucratic infighting.
This bizarre disease is named after the strange seizures that it causes. The seizures can be triggered by the smell of food. According to the U.S-based Centers for Disease Control, little is known about what causes the disease or how it spreads. The Daily Monitor article quotes Dr. Scott Dowell, CDC lead investigator, in an interview with the Center for Global Health policy, United States:

The children definitely die with it — it’s not rapidly progressive, but it seems to take hold of them. The nodding is in fact a type of seizure which causes damage on the brain.

Ugandan photojournalist Edward Echwalu wrote a poignant article on the disease, profiling Nancy Lamwaka, a twelve-year-old girl. Her father has to tie her to a tree during the day so she does not wander around and harm herself. At one point she fell into a fire:

Her father’s heart bleeds daily as he goes through the traumatizing routine of tying his own daughter to a tree like an animal. He says only his two pigs receive such treatment. “It hurts me so much to tie my own daughter on a tree because in our tradition, it’s a taboo and unheard-of. But because I want to save her life, I am forced to. I don’t want her to go loose and die in a fire, or walk and get lost in the bushes, or even drown in the nearby swamps,” he says.

Under the tree, she struggles to move towards the direction of the shade as the sun begins to shine hard. She stumbles but moments later, recovers her waning energy and follows the shadow. All along Lamwaka is quiet, looking drowsily at her siblings seated a few meters away. She has not said a word or made a sound since she woke up. You could sense she wants to say something; perhaps invite her two siblings to play with her, but she just looks on, her eyes heavy and mouth effortlessly open, only occasionally shutting to close out preying flies.

Echwalu’s article and photos give the disease a face, showing how it affects the family and community. Legislators from northern Ugandan are understandably upset by what they see as the blatant squandering of state resources in the face of an epidemic. The Daily Monitor quotes the chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary Group chairman, Reagan Okumu:

If it is true that Shs92 billion is going to State House when our people are suffering with nodding disease without any serious response, may God have mercy on us…. To my colleagues in Parliament, if you approve this money the people of northern Uganda will never forgive you. It does not matter whether State House has already spent the money or not, this money shouldn’t be approved before getting money for the children who are suffering with the nodding disease….

I  also witnessed the worst maternity ward imaginable at Mulago—women brought a tattered sheet of plastic with them to the maternity ward because they knew they would give birth on a hospital hallway floor, probably along with multiple women giving multiple births (twins, twins, twins,) on their little sheets of plastic while the few beds were full of multiple women and not enough staff to save anyone’s life if there were complications. Ugandaans are really suffering while the president is busy showing off by spending taxpayers money extragavantly.

While the different ministries bicker over resources, the state of the afflicted only gets worse, Where things have reached Ugandans can no longer afford an expensive president and this is the time to remove him from power.

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  1. Ugandans, i think we should learn to give thanks or a credit where it deserves.i cant support someone who says our president is like kony who has led to all the suffering in the North. the one who talks like this may be is kony himself and is a killer who murdering innocent Ugandans.we can not wait for people who have idle mind and ill mind to continue writing nonsense on internet.
    sb aprunale

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