Museveni has lost the dignity to lead Uganda.

President Museveni has lost the conscience to lead our country, it’s high time he retires or face the power of the people that will force him out of power. Most Ugandans are not happy with the way public finances are being swindled resulting into denying them a decent living.

Museveni has been the initiator of these dubious deals as they are all orchestrated in state house like in this one there’re several letters to bear this out. At this time our economy is suffering because of looting of public finances by the regime through its agents.

On 16 Feb. two full cabinet ministers, Hajjat Syda Bbumba and Prof Edward Kiddu Makubuya were forced to resign over alleged corruption in the fraudulent award of Shs 169 billion to Hassan Basajjabalaba, I don’t think that shillings 142 billion went to Basajjabalaba’s account ,head of NRM’s Entrepreneurs League, I think the bulk of it was used for president Museveni’s presidential campaigns and the remaining balance was pocketed by Museveni, Bbumba ,Makubuya and Tumusiime Mutebile Governor Bank of Uganda who is now being defended by Museveni.

President Museveni has lost the sense of shame, claiming that his advisors and ministers misled him on the matter of Hassan Basajjabalaba’s Shs 142bn compensation is a naked lie, i cant believe that a head of state can be hoodwinked such easily into signing off billions of tax payers’ money.

The payment arose from the cancellation of a sub-lease to erect some structures at the Constitution Square and three management contracts for Owino, Nakasero and Shauriyako markets. For all these deals, Basajjabalaba paid to Kampala City Council less than Shs 4bn. For Nakasero, he paid about Shs 1.3bn, Shauriyako about Shs 510m and for Constitution Square Shs 235m.

The government of President Museveni compensated him with Shs 142bn. Simple arithmetic will show that for every Shs 1b that Basajjabalaba invested in these markets and the Constitution Square, he gained Shs 34b, and for every Shs 1m invested, he gained Shs 340m profit, moreover within less than seven years! If it was a land transaction, it means a plot bought at Shs 1m fetched Shs 340m.

That is how sinful this transaction was. I am no land valuer, but next time there is such a business opportunity, I am willing to put in money, even for a quarter of the profit that Basajjabalaba raked in. With Museveni still in power, it will be difficult to ever recover this money, but the good thing is that Museveni’s government has given us a formula.

For every Shs 1m invested, the profit is Shs 340m. So, let the counting begin. When Museveni finally leaves power, and it might be tomorrow, next week or this year, Basajjabalaba Museveni Syda Bbumba Makubuya and Mutebile should know how much to refund.

We are now powerless; so, our money can be dished out like this, but the balance of power will one day naturally shift and in five or ten years, we’ll know what to recover with interest. By the way, we will use the same formula on whoever has stolen our money.

Every government department is crying of budget cuts now. Where has the money gone? All the money meant to repair our roads has been looted. The country now only has money for paying salaries to State House, President’s Office, Police and other security organs staff.

We have, therefore, as a country, transacted one business this year, and that is keeping Museveni in power. Yes, there will be no money to buy drugs for the dying mothers, children suffering from the nodding disease but there is enough money to buy tools for repression like tear gas.