Press and opposition members targeted by security agents‏

A security operative who shot at Daily Monitor photojournalist Isaac Kasamani, on Tuesday 25 january 2012  was travelling in the police  van.

I would like to add my voice to condemn in the strongest terms the action of the Uganda police force that’s continuing to use force against unarmed civilians and its attempt to try to kill the monitor journalist .All these killings, shooting and harassment are being done following President Museveni‘s orders . The total lack of respect for human life that President Museveni has inculcated in all his militias can only lead to such shooting and killing by security agents.

I remember in 2011 President Yoweri Museveni telling journalists at a press conference that both local and international media houses like AI jazeera BBC ,regional television station NTV ,WBS ,Daily Monitor,Weekly observer that cheer these irresponsible people participating in walk to work are economic saboteurs ,enemies of Uganda that are behind the worsening economic conditions and in his letter published by the government News paper New Vision President Yoweri Museveni called journalist “enemies”. This was all coming as a result of journalists covering the anti government protests in which police killed 10 people and several protesters were dehumanized.

Following Museveni’s remarks after Besigye’s last arrest internal security minister Kirunda Kivejinja also held a press conference in which he also accused foreign journalists of being opposition “bedfellow journalists as the enemy. What ‘s most worrying is that President Museveni has failed to have a solution to Uganda’s problems and the only option left for him is to apportion blame by accessing the press of siding with the opposition, planning economic sabotage and opposing development . With Museveni’s popularity dwindling and his desperate desire to cling to power Ugandans should get ready for the worst .

Now What is happening is that whatever Museveni says, security services react to it ,even if an actual order isn’t issued so the shooting, killing operations follow orders from above in Uganda president Museveni’s wish and word is law and if any article of the constitution is inconsistent with his wish, it becomes null and void. In Uganda President Museveni has transformed himself into a small god his orders are more powerful than the constitution.

Since Kale Kayihura was transferred from the army to head the police force it has registered the highest number of killing ,torture at this time we have the unprofessional and partisan police force that treat civil societies, Museveni’s critic and opposition activists as criminals. Security agents that kill, beat and torture in the name of the state are free from prosecution enjoy the highest degree of impunity The Uganda police has been captured on camera several times beating, terrorizing ,shooting at unarmed civilians. With President Yoweri Museveni ‘s regime ,killing is bad only when the victim is not an opposition supporter, member or opposition rioter .

Uganda of today when implementing presidential directive, you can do anything that ‘why several Ugandans have been clobbered tortured killed by security agents but nothing has been done to them . Now the current inspector General of police Lt Gen Kale Kayihura,has fulfilled the ambitions of President Museveni by transforming the police force from one that couldn’t vote for him or support Museveni’s bad policies into a trusted force he can now real on for political protection.

Barely after two weeks the Uganda police after being accused of trying to shoot at a monitor journalist using a police van, now the Uganda police force is again , being accused by Kampala Woman MP Ms Nabilah  Nagayi  Ssempala of orchestrating the “staged accident using a police vehicle Reg .No UP 1982” which left both her right hand and leg broken as she was returning from A4C rally in Ndeeba and she is planning of suing the police force.The police is being accused of staging road mishaps as away to scare members of opposition from participating in walk to work campgaign

Now in Uganda the press, civilians are being harassed, intimidated, detained and even attacked, on several occasion local journalists have been beaten and their photographs confiscated, equipment stolen by both security men and plain-clothed officer.

The government of Uganda has deployed a wide range of tactics to stifle critical reporting at both newspapers and radios, from occasional physical violence to threats, harassment, bureaucratic interference and criminal charges, In response to the crackdown on press freedoms, Ugandan journalists tried to impose a boycott on reporting government events. But that seems it had little impact with as now it seems orders from above are to shoot to kill police.

For long journalist and opposition members have endured a battering from government elements. Surely, there have been many forms of affront to media freedom but none would come close to what the police chief and the government are mooting now

Museveni should know that the media is not party to whatever happens during demonstrations. Journalists are always there to watch, take note and report, and in essence, satisfy the public’s, right to know.” I call upon the international community to come out and exert pressure on President Yoweri  Museveni’s government to take practical steps against impunity for violence on media and unarmed civilians that try to exercise their constitutional right. Museveni has turned the weapon of the state against Ugandans.