Supporters shield Besigye from arrest

Dr Kizza Besigye addresses supporters in Kasangati yesterday. Photo by Isaac Kasamani

[Acording to  Daily Monitor news Paper of 25 january 2012]Police attempts yesterday to arrest opposition leader Kizza Besigye after a rally in Namungoona, aKampalasuburb, were thwarted after stone-throwing youth routed security personnel, creating a safe passage for the FDC leader.

The rally organised by the Activists for Change pressure group was slated to take place at Kasubi Market grounds but was shifted to a playground in Namungoona, about two kilometres away, after the police objected to the initial venue.

At 6:40pm, the FDC leader and A4C officials attempted to return to the city centre after the uneventful P. 4

Namugoona rally when police blocked their entourage from using the Kasubi route.

Dr Besigye, who had been instructed to use the Northern Bypass to his Kasangati home, disembarked from his vehicle to speak to the commanding officer at the scene.

The police insisted the politician must follow their instructions but Dr Besigye refused, insisting he must drive through Kasubi Trading Centre. The crowd also demanded that the politician be allowed to move freely.

A scuffle ensued when operatives in police van Reg. No. UP-1928 attempted to shove the FDC leader into the waiting car only to be met with stiff resistance from his supporters who managed to fight off the security operatives.
In the melee, Dr Besigye was whisked away by his supporters in his vehicle and a high speed chase ensued between police and the FDC boss towards the Bwaise Suburb.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the residents who pelted them with stones. Several people were injured in the scuffle.

But in a statement late last evening, police boss Kale Kayihura said: “Today’s rally in consultation with the organisers has not registered any major incidents. The UPF (Uganda Police Force) wishes to highly commend the lawful and respectful approach upheld today.”

He, however, noted: “A small minority of people still appear reluctant to comply with the lawful instruction of the police and the agreement with event organisers. The UPF will not allow this tiny minority to threaten public safety, security and peace of mind or to interfere with other law-abiding participants in such events.”

At the Kalerwe round about, Daily Monitor photojournalist Isaac Kasamani was reportedly shot at by the occupants of the police van that attempted to snatch Dr Besigye. He was, however, not injured.

AFP journalist Michele Sibiloni and Bukedde TV cameraman Suleiman Mutebi were both attacked by unknown assailants who tried to escape with their equipment; a digital and video camera. The assailants were, however, unsuccessful.

Earlier at the rally, Dr Besigye told supporters it was time for Ugandans to take action against a rogue regime of armed robbers.

“It is no longer necessary to talk about the thieving, plundering and killing in the nation. It is time to chase the armed robbers,” Dr Besigye said. “I enteredKampalawith these same people. They had nothing except what they were carrying.”

He added: “We should never allow the gun to ruleUgandaagain. Ugandans must love themselves and love their country. Museveni must know the people have rejected him; they have chased him away. It is the only way the thieves will understand this country belongs to Ugandans.”

Kyadonddo East MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda said: “This is a week to reflect on the direction of our country. It is either the future of our country or our lives.”

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago told the crowd: “(Mr) Agaba and (Ms) Jenifer Musisi (KCCA ED) have plundered the city’s resources. Such is the picture of the regime which we must resist.”
And for a second time, A4C officials were joined by musicians Harriet Kisakye, Moses Matovu and actor Paddy Bitama who told the crowd they too had joined the campaign for a change in government.

I call upon patriotic Ugandans to come and join the masses in the FDC struggle to liberate our country, time is now and not tomorrow, with Besigye i see light at the end of the tunnel, Museveni has kept us in the darkness for 26 years.