All Ugandans Come out and Join walk to work.

This time my  campaign is  non –partisan,  it’s  sole aim is to bring a better government by removing the tyrant  Museveni  and make Uganda a better place for all Ugandans  to live in, we must make sure that we fight and remove  whoever who was been implicated to have  dipped his or her hand in taxpayers’ money, we must  all get involved, retreat and  win the war against corruption and bad governance, The only way to change the dictators regime is to come out in big numbers and push for the change.  If we are United we can make a big difference, for God and my country, one Uganda one people

I call upon all Ugandan to come out, join and show your solidarity, we must all join those heroes like Dr.Besigye and MPs who have come out to save our country from collapsing, we must show our solidarity with the increasing number of people  who have joined the ranks of hundreds of thousand of poor Ugandans that cannot afford to feed their families everyday. According  to Red pepper 3 Dec 2011 and 8 january 2012 “ Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] and  Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA)have finalized plans for massive demonstrations in the city that will involve over two million people, the match has been baptized the January Revolution” .  I therefore  call upon all Ugandans to  join the mass  demonstration,starting on 10 january and  “ January Revolution” on January 15, we have to show our unite and push the resignation of president Museveni,

As Ugandans, it’s our civic duty to demand our rights and civil liberties .As our constitution stipulates, the people of Uganda shall be governed through their will and consent .Ugandans need to know that dictators can not grant freedom, human rights on a silver plate without being coerced

Uganda belongs to all of  us, we cannot just look on while our country is being scrapped and looted by greedy leaders who think about their pockets and families,  we have to  campaign against corruption and mismanagement  of our resources and funds in the country. We must not capitulate in our renewed war against corruption and bad governance.  We have to  put  our pressure on  President Museveni to kick out all ministers implicated in corruption scandals and also  force him to leave power.

President Museveni must be held accountable for the poor standard of living, mismanagement of our country resources, corruption,  bad governance, killings and harassment of opposition members, President Museveni has proved that he cannot take our country forward so we  don’t expect  more from him. We have to   join our hands to remove him and end  corruption in Uganda.

2011 was a soaring year for  Ugandans, people  can  longer afford the  soaring prices of fuel for  their cars , Increasing numbers of Ugandan cannot afford even one meal a day due  to more than 40% increase in food prices, highly increasing inflation, the rising cost of fuel, high transport cost, unemployment, poor healthcare, energy deficiencies, corruption and unaffordable food, commodities add  to a growing frustration  over poor social service delivery , lack of fiscal discipline by the government and general politics of the country.

Some of the businesses are collapsing due to high interest being charged by the banks due to irresponsible spending by the central bank on Museveni’s presidential campaign. Now millions of Ugandans are suffering because of one man Museveni.  While Ugandans are suffering most of top government ministers and officials including president Museveni  are busy grabbing whatever they could come across ,keeping sucks of money and are adamant