Ugandans get ready to resist Museveni’s oppressive laws.

Prime minister Amamma Mbabazi  on the left and President Yoweri Museveni on the right

Ugandans should resist   president Museveni and Mbabazi public Order   Bill as they are ready to use parliament that‘s vulnerable to Museveni’s bribe, dominated by NRM members to pass oppressive  laws in order to cling to power.  Most of us believe that the public order bill is being brought in bad faith to silence the opposition and trample on the rights of Ugandans. Impinge on our personal freedom.

Museveni’s government wants to use such a law to harass, intimidate and oppress those opposing his government. as it seeks to make organizers to seek permission from the police before holding a” public meeting” which police is partisan as its full of his tribe mate and on several occasion the Uganda police has made sure that every peaceful demonstration is quickly turned into a violent riot by provoking and attacking demonstrators with live ammunitions, tear gas and coloured poisoned water, killing innocent Ugandans under the pretext of restoring law and order.

If this bill is passed into law we‘re ready to defy such laws and fight them to liberate our country from the hands of these dinosaurs

This bill is brought in bad faith after  Museveni’s government has realised that it has no solution to the on going economic crisis , which  solely is  a result   of  Museveni ‘s extravagant expenditure during 2011 election campaign were he used  tax payer money to bribe voters to vote for him and following his recent order to the governor of Bank of Uganda to buy fight jets yet this money would have been used to subsides consumers, stabilise the economy and Uganda shilling that ‘s depreciating as  its on its way to the  Zimbabwe dollar.

At this time Ugandans are failing to feed their families, experiencing sky rocketing prices and yet President Museveni’s government is adamant keeping a deaf ear despite people’s cry. Ugandans are now left with one weapon in their arsenal that‘s demonstration and riots in order  to make a government that ‘s used to violence full of greedy selfish individuals to listen to their cries .

According to New Vision newspaper NRM Secretary General, “Amama Mbabazi told the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs that the bill has come at the right time, when demonstrations and riots have become the order of the day”.

Mbabazi and president Museveni have no any sounding convincing reason to give to Ugandans for this bill to be passed as its a selfish bill intended to serve the interest of one person in Uganda and that’s non other than President Museveni .already Uganda has enough laws to cater for any sort of demonstration Though the current NRM government calls themselves liberators this bill alone nullifies the NRM’s claim to have liberated Uganda.

It is intended to allow the regime functionaries to violate the fundamental human rights of Ugandans, the Bill among others, gives police power to use firearms yet before the police army have been using live ammunition  on unarmed civilians,  This Bill is a waste of time, public funds and it is an intrigue against the people of Uganda.

It’s not good for the country but it is intended to legitimize the quelling of peaceful demonstrations, it breaches the fundamental rights to freedom of assembly, association, speech and expression enshrined in Article 29 of the Constitution. I do believe that the laws existing within Ugandan legal system are enough to take care of public order,

This bill gives more powers to the dictatorial government of president yoweri museveni, who has continued to push for the passing of the bill in order to guard his own interests and cling to power. This is seen in all dictators around the world where Museveni‘s among them, and this shows that the state is deliberately misleading the people by equating a demonstration to a crime, the Ugandan police has made sure that every peaceful demonstration is quickly turned into violent riot by provoking and attacking,   demonstrators with live ammunition, tear gas and coloured poisoned water.

This a reminder to those who are blindfolded now because of Museveni’s bribes to support the enactment of such oppressive laws to be mindful that the same laws will turn and bite them when political circumstances change..And change is certainly inevitable as its like night coming after day. It is only a matter of time. This law is not being enacted in good faith as there are already laws that deal with criminal demonstrators. In order to protect the human rights in Uganda i therefore call upon Ugandans to reject the bill in its entirety and protest it.