Mwenda is on Museveni and Kagame’s pay-roll.

Mwenda’s reporting leaves a lot to be desired as it is unethical for a journalist, concerning his coverage about Rwanda and Uganda. According to Rwanda sources Mwenda is  on Dr. Emmanule Ndahiro’s pay-roll, the man who foresees ‘selling Kagame’s image”.

Mwenda ‘s now  blindfolded by the money he is  making.  Mwenda has sold his professional conscience for  money. Yes, he got the money … what better person as he become? Kagame and his Junta spent a lot of tax-payers’ money advertising useless things in the Monitor under Mwenda. That was a kind of kick-back!! He got that money, Rwandans still will ask Mwenda, what does that blood-socked money mean for you? When he fell out with The Monitor, Mwenda, through Ndahiro secured an order from the President, Kagame, prohibiting all governmnet offices from buying The Monitor. Anybody who violated this order would be jailed!!!

Mwenda secured money from the same people, Kagame and Ndahiro, to start his own news paper called the independent  that he ‘s using  He got the money.. and what better is he now? Mwenda should apologize to the people of Rwanda and Uganda for sustaining these two Dictators. For feeding the world with information about Kagame and Museveni   which he knows  is  absolutely false. Poor Mwenda, you have sold all what you have  for silver!!! In that vain, please, especially during this time when most of us strategizing to get this uneducated dictators out, please, keep Mwenda out of the picture.

The scheme for Mwenda now is “selling Museveni and Kagame image abroad”. Mwenda has received millions of shillings!!!! Mwenda has betrayed the two countries namely Uganda and Rwanda.   Mwenda’s thirsty for Money,  nearly lead   a head-on confrontation at our common boarders (Uganda and Rwanda). Mwenda appealed so much to Kagame’s psyche, of course knowing that Kagame’s education is relatively poor, that he nearly convinced the guy that the only alternative was to fight Museveni. In the meantime, Mwenda was getting his Cameras ready to get “breaking news’ and sell his newspaper. Mwenda contributed close to 60% of the tension that there was BETWEEN Uganda and Rwanda. Mwenda nearly ended us into an unfortunate war.