Museveni continues with his tribal soccer.

Lieutenant General Kale Kayihura  Inspector General of Police (IGP)

Having accomplished Museveni’s  mission of militarizing the police, killing Ugandans  the former Major  General Kale Kayihura has been rewarded by being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

In Uganda since 1986  most of the recruitment and promotion  in the armed forces have been  based on tribe  and region not merit  and those army officers that are merciless heartless in executing their duties of killing ,brutalizing Museveni’s political opponents have always been promoted.

Its surprising that Uganda with 52 tribes the Banyanokle who are  Museveni’s tribe mate are having a majority share in all government department now they ‘re having a lion share in the army and police that ‘s sustaining Museveni in power.Now with Museveni’s promotion , Out of 13 promotions in the army   12 are banyankole while only one among the remaining 51 tribes was promoted.

The promotion of Maj. Gen. Kayihura is evidence that President Museveni is happy with what he is doing—abusing peoples’ rights, militarising the police and mistreating citizens with police machinery. With the promotion of Mbabazi ‘s wife Jacqueline Mbabazi . Shows that everything in the country is now in the hands of two families; Kaguta’s and Mbabazi’s, meaning Uganda is now a partnership between two men and their families

Here is the list of promotion according to New Vision newspaper of 29/Dec/2011

Maj.Gen.Kale Kayihura promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. He, however, retained his position of Inspector General of Police (IGP), while Mrs. Jacqueline Susan Mbabazi, who was in charge of Luwero Industries, become  the senior presidential advisor on special duties.

In a major reshuffle of the armed forces announced late Wednesday, Maj. Gen. G. Owoyesigire, the commander of the airforce, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, putting him at par with Lt. Gen. Wamala Katumba, the commander of the land forces.

Other promotions saw Brig. James Mugira promoted to Major General and deployed to Luwero Industries to oversee the ammunition department.

He has been replaced by Col. Charles Bakahumura, who was promoted to Brigadier, Bakahumura was formerly the chief of personnel in the administration of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces.

In the new developments, Brig. Leo Kyanda, who was promoted from the rank of Colonel, becomes the new chief of personal in charge of administration.

Col. David Muhoozi has been promoted to the rank of Brigadier and transferred from Masaka mechanised division. He is now in charge of the air defence unit in Nakasongola.

Muhoozi has been replaced by Brig. Gavas Mugyenyi, who now heads the mechanised division in Masaka. In other changes, Brig. Otema Awany is the new chief of logistics and engineering, replacing Brig. Gavas Mugenyi.

Maj. Gen. Johnson Namanya has been promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed as the administration officer in charge of Luwero Industries.

Col. Victor Twesigye, the acting chief of logistics and engineering, was moved to the chieftaincy of signals, while Col. Yowasi Kiiza, the former head of the signals, is the new head of the Reserve Forces.