General Kale Kayihura fabricates a story to implicateOpposition members

Police officers clobber a civilian during a demonstration in Kampala.

Museveni after failing to address the economic problems now is resorting to  criminalzing  people before they take part in a grand demonstration , this aims at  stopping oppostion members from participating in a demonstration against his failing system that ‘s only promoting corruption ,using repression to silence public opinion.

As if the current measures to silence Ugandans are not enough  Museveni’s government has specialised in concocting any strory to justify their actions, we have seen Museveni’s government getting army uniforms, bullets and  guns puting them in people’s houses to work as exhibit and   accusing  them of treason.

But this will not deter Ugandans from participating in the walk to work demonstration

Kayihura Kale after brutalizing the police is  now making the police force to specialise in  fabricating stories .In Uganda have a police force that is unrelible corrupt ,brutal, full of murderers from NRA army officers.

 According to Monitor newspaper  of Sunday, December 25  2011o, General  Kale Kayihura said,  Opposition activists secretly plan to import guns to shoot civilians during next year’s scheduled peaceful protests and blame the killings on government, Police Chief Kale Kayihura has said.

“Intelligence reports,” he said, “show that some people want to smuggle in guns to shoot people during demonstrations and say it is the security that has shot people so that they can attract NATO help.”

The General added: “That is why they have called [the next phase of peaceful protests as] walk-to-work reloaded. We are aware of this [ploy] and we shall not allow our people to lose lives.”

From April to May, and again in October, acts of civil disobedience called by opposition-leaning pressure group, Activists for Change (A4C), shook the country as confrontations between unarmed demonstrators and security forces spiraled out of control.

Who shot demonstrators? And contrary to Gen. Kayihura’s Thursday pronouncement, dozens of civilians perished

from bullet wounds, allegedly fired by police and soldiers, during both phases of the walk-to-walk demonstrations – and none of the perpetrators has been prosecuted to date. The raw brutality meted on the demonstrators and unpunished extra-judicial executions alarmed world leaders as well as human rights defenders across the world, with Washington warning Kampala to style up and suspects face justice.

Speaking during the commissioning of a new office block for police in Bushenyi District, Gen. Kayihura contradicted himself by saying “we don’t know” the weapons smugglers yet he stretched to rope the plot on walk-to-walk organisers.

 The opposition yesterday seized on the comments to declare the police chief a psychotic case that needs to be “saved from himself before he hangs himself”.

“He is paranoid and paranoia leads to schizophrenia,” said Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, the national coordinator of A4C. Schizophrenia is a severe form of mental disorder where individuals become obsessed with themselves and act abnormally, according to the World Health Organisation. Mr Nandala Mafabi, the Leader of Opposition, called on Ugandans to ignore the police head’s latest attempt to scandalise citizens’ constitutional right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate to express their displeasure with a corrupt government.

He said: “We will continue to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed. It is him (Kayihura) who wants to use wrong elements against us. He [is making the allegations because he] wants to justify his actions and that shows how bad this government is.”

Months ago, he alleged that A4C had sent youths to train as terrorists in Afghanistan. The IGP later circulated to media houses CDs containing audio clips, prepared as prosecution evidence, he said were extracts of utterances by A4C leaders involved in treasonable acts.

I call upon all Ugandans to come out and take part in the Next walk to work campgain