UPDF army generals looting and involving themselves in illicit trade in Congo

UPDF spokesman, Col. Felix Kulayigye


The Central African Republic and DR Congo have indicted a UPDF sport down LRA rebels in a dual countries of allegedly involving in bootleg descent of timber, gold, solid and other gems. This is was contained in the news by Brussels  International Crisis Group.

In a Nov 17 report, ICG pronounced a prospects of remunerative unlawful business, sabotaged by a Congolese army, miss of informal domestic accord and a “half-hearted” office by Ugandan army, have scurried attempts to decimate LRA.

“The Congolese army and internal authorities have ratcheted adult a allegation debate to spin locals opposite Ugandans, whom they credit of illegally exploiting healthy resources, including ivory, bullion and brush meat, and aggressive civilians,” a news notes.

This is a second time a UPDF is being adversely named in harvesting vegetable resources of a unfamiliar country. The initial being during a 1997-2003 fight that resulted in a International Court of Justice slapping $10 billion excellent on Uganda after Kinshasa sued.

“CAR President François Bozizé distrusts a Ugandan army, envies a US support, has systematic it to repel from solid areas and could bushel [anti-LRA] operations serve unless confident his possess army is benefitting,” records a NGO in a news titled, The Lord’s Resistance Army: Endgame?

The organisation says CAR President Bozizé and his Congolese reflection Joseph Kabila do not trust Kampala, and as such, are reduction prone to assent a Ugandan army, or their possess militaries, to hunt LRA rebels that poise no hazard to their reason on power.

“This is nonsense and comprehensive nonsense from racists that are hostile of a new paradigm; that African countries can come together to solve a confidence problem on their possess has burnished some [of these Europeans] a wrong way,” Col. Felix Kulayigye, a UPDF spokesman, remarkable in an email reply.

Its initial news given US infantry final month put boots to a belligerent here in a hunt for LRA, ICG paints a dour destiny for a operation unless polarised domestic leaders and their careful armies work together underneath a protection of a African union.

Joseph Kony, wanted by a International Criminal Court, is believed to be stealing in CAR though his forces, relocating in petite groups of 10-20 fighters to equivocate detection, continue to ravaging villages opposite 3 countries in a Great Lakes region.

However, Uganda was forced to repel estimable numbers of a soldiers from Congolese domain after domestic domestic opponents put President Kabila on tenterhooks over a deployment during a time when a immeasurable nation began a countdown to presidential and parliamentary elections due tomorrow.

Yesterday, Col. Kulayigye denied that restrictions imposed by beside countries have disabled UPDF operations, arguing instead that a people and supervision of CAR entirely support a anti-LRA offensive, charity UPDF vehicles to use even in areas where “there are no roads to expostulate on.”

“On a US support,” remarkable a UPDF spokesman, “It is for all a LRA-affected areas, not Uganda alone. So a authors of a news ought to review President Obama’s beginning and a US congressional decision.”

President Obama on Oct 14 deployed a fortuitous of approximately 100 US Special Forces to work with informal militaries to mislay Kony and his commanders. ICG pronounced office of a rebels inside DRC is stubborn by a host’s refusal to cooperate. “Having a Ugandan army sailing about on Congolese territory, in some places unparalleled and with no depart date in sight, is over a extent of [President] Kabila’s magnanimity,” a news notes.

Col. Kulayigye certified they limited their movements in DRC, though to concede a beside nation lift out “a smooth, giveaway and satisfactory election.”