Museveni abets Corruption in Uganda.

Museveni ‘s government keeps on  stumbling from one corruption scandal to another  now Uganda is tied in a complex web of  Muesveni’s corruptions coupled with  total service delivery failures, members of parliament are now becoming more vulnerable to corruption . Ugandan’s are  now suffering because of members of parliament that were bribed in 2005 to  vote   for the removal of presidential term limit from Uganda’s constitution  these mps are responsible for Uganda’s current problems ,if the presidential term limits had remained in place and forced Museveni out of office ,Uganda by now would be looking forward to new leadership of Kizza Besigye that would put things right as Besigye is a true son of Uganda born and raised in Uganda.

Unlike Museveni whose originality of birth is doubted and has no love for Uganda.The status quo of keeping Museveni in power has entrenched corruption in Uganda at all levels of society .Museveni ‘s corruption in Uganda is on the increase and now the government officials and Museveni’re finding new methods of concealing it.

In Uganda more than half the government’s annual budget is lost to corruption each year, amounting to USD 950 million. It will be hard to fight corruption in Uganda if Museveni continues to  rule and defend his ministers ,government officials from his region, party that are always implicated in corruption scandals. It’s   a shame that almost half of Museveni’s cabinet members have been implicated in corruption scandals but  only to be shielded by him. Museveni’s continuous acts of abetting corruption is unforgivable and it would  be  wise for him to resign immediately.

Now Museveni’s government is using our resources to defend thieves under the pretext of collective responsibility , this money  would have been used to alleviate poverty, put  drugs in hospitals, provide texts books in schools , is now squandered  in useless NRM retreats  like the recent kyankwanzi retreat where government spent billions of  tax payers money   to the tune of  20 billions  to  bribe members of parliament in order to silence them not censure the ministers that are deployed to fulfill his mission of stealing Uganda resources , this scheme aims at enriching a certain section of people within the ruling NRM party, while leaving the majority of Ugandans languishing in poverty as this fulfills one of the objective of Museveni’s regime , which is to keep many Ugandans poor so that they’re easy prey to bribe , vote for NRM party .

With the discovery of oil these  ministers  that have experience in stealing and are well versed in legal matters have been deployed in strategic ministries and assigned  new mission to steal Uganda ‘s oil reveune.   For the 26 years this has been the trend of event in Uganda where ministers that are appointed by Museveni are found of using their offices for their personal gain,   getting kick backs with impunity . For years Museveni has been found of selecting the  same ministers recycling them those that have been implicated in corruption scandals , these ministers  are given  special orders  to swindle money from ministries ,  projects and divert it to Museveni’s  personal account  and NRM . Where it  can be used  for his  personal benefit and NRM campaigns this has been the case for decades during NRM tenure.

A case in point is where a former health minister  Mike Mukula and loyal supporter of Museveni  misappropriated about USD 2 million funds provided by the Global Alliance for Vaccine and I immunization (GAVI)  captain Mukula  stated that some  of the money was given to Museveni  , Janet Museveni and other used to fund NRM campaigns  on orders of Museveni, Corruption scandals involving personalities that are close to Museveni have continued to make headlines in Uganda since 1990 todate.

In 1998, Salim Saleh a brother to Museveni got informal payments using a Malaysian company Westmont to illegally purchase shares in Uganda commercial banks and all the evidence was overwhelming implicating Museveni’s brother but only to be sacked not for involvement in the scandal but for “indispline and drunkenness” in the army. In 1998, again Museveni’s  brother  Salim  Saleh used his  company  to purchase helicopters for the army, for which he received a commission of $800,000. The helicopters turned out to be junk

Again Salim Saleh was specifically implicated in UN Security Council report for being involved in the illegal exploitation of natural resources from Congo [DRC] during the Second Congo War. It was Salim Saleh Kahinda Otafire Kazie that benefited from the loot from Congo  but Museveni dismissed the report, and no punitive actions were taken against those involved. More recently, in 2007, the government circumvented official procurement guidelines to contract an unknown company, Kenlloyd Logistics, to replenish Uganda’s fuel reserves. The company was being run by the son in – law of the foreign minister. Who is himself related to president Museveni

Museveni’s  police under the army commander general Kale Kayihura  is  perceived as one of the most corrupt and brutal Institutions in Uganda  , particularly  the traffic police and all police officials as most of them are Museveni’s tribe mate and hail from western Uganda .In Uganda police works on orders from above , so  political interference in police-work is common, with high profile cases sometimes being dropped following political pressure.

Anew  scenario citing Museveni’s  corruption scandal ‘s  that  now involving  Basajja balaba, Museveni’s tribe mate, NRM financer  under suspicious  circumstances  Museveni ordered Bank of Uganda to give Basajja Balaba 146 billions of tax payer’s money as compensation during the 2011 election period and yet the figures were inflated and baseless, the  Auditors generals report  had showed that Basajja Balaba ‘s company Herb group owes  KCC  shillings 994 millions.

Another upsetting event  that cites Museveni’s corruption scandals is where he ordered  senior officials in the ministry of finance to pay  more than US $14.2 million [ABOUT 35.5 billion shillings ] to Burundi for his personal war as if Ugandans sent him to wage war against Obote’s government and most of this money remained in Uganda only to be shared by some government officials well known to Museveni. It was as if there was a formal agreement signed between Uganda and Burundi yet this  was  an understanding between Museveni   as a person, guerilla fighter and  the former president of Burundi [the late Cyprien  Ntaryamira ] not Uganda as a country

In Uganda it never rains but it pours with Museveni ‘s corruption scandals of recent, again president  Museveni directed  Emmanuel Tumusime Mutebile to draw a budget of US$750 million from the treasury to buy Russian fighter jets without parliamentary  approval in the midst of an inflationary economy , such an  cautionary spending of public funds is irresponsible and criminal, of recent museveni is conniving with mutebile to robe the ‘’treasury’’  such spending from the reserve is an extreme case of fiscal indiscipline by Museveni’s government.

Confidence in mr. Museveni has taken a dangerous nock, now Uganda’s economy has  slowed and its people, 40% of whom are categorized by united nation as living in poverty  are an happy at the cost of corruption, more wary for Museveni. Aid donors are cutting off AID, Aid donors reckon corruption cost Uganda US$ 300 millions a year [about 500 billion shillings a year]

The private sector in which Mr. Museveni  put too much faith is also mired in corruption,  Mr. Museveni has now been in power longer than any other Uganda leader but he ‘s becoming less  and less popular, many Ugandans say he has become arrogant  and out of touch . And now the only way for him to survive is to continue abetting corruption and use of repression.