Ugandans Against Museveni Dictatorship

Yoweri Kagutta Museveni ordered his security forces [UPDF] and police to shoot and kill innocent Ugandans who went to save kasubi Tombs, the burial place of our kings. His security forces arrested  tortured and killed many innocent Ugandans, on several occasions so  many  innocent people were shot and  killed by the army and police on orders of Museveni, we cannot just look on while our brothers and sisters are being tortured and killed, we have to unite and fight against the dictatorship of Museveni, we have to  stop this brutality. Just remember that our own day of reckoning in Uganda is coming. We must prepare for it. We must organize.

Edited by : Ddungu Musa Evans

2 thoughts on “Ugandans Against Museveni Dictatorship

  1. 1. It is crucial that other African leaders make effort to self regulate in full cognizance of the many internal armed political struggles that have cost us many lives. We are the one continent which uses its army primarily to kill more of our citizens than any perceived enemy out there. That is why we were all shocked that such acts and brutality used by Museveni’s forces to finish off innocent Ugandans is widely spread all over Uganda, in order the dictator to keep himself in power , he has to use the combined force of the army, police and other security operatives to shoot and crush freedom seekers who comes out directly to challenge his monarchy rule in Uganda.

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