The two sons of Rwanda president Paul Kagame on the left, and president Museveni of Uganda on the right.

Who is this man who has mortgaged Uganda’s future around himself, selfishly disregarding every institution, every person, and everything as long as he remains in power? Does he love power all that much or does he fear criminal charges that he faces if he leaves power? He was behind the murder of prominent Ugandans during Idi Amin’s rule between 1971 and 1979, doing that in order to tarnish Amin’s name having taken over power in 1986 Museveni again continued with his killing update of innocent Ugandans.
President, Yoweri Museveni, is a tyrant who has violated the African Union’s, United Nations’ and Commonwealth’s principles of democracy and human rights. Nevertheless, the international community colludes with his regime. Why the double standards? His regime is a constitutional dictatorship, with a rubber stamp parliament, powerless judiciary, censored media and heavily militarized civil institutions.He has sowed the seeds of anarchy in the Great Lakes region of central Africa where there was once stability. Northern Uganda has remained a wasted land wasteland and kept deliberately behind on orders of Museveni.Hundreds of Acholi have had their lips and ears cut off by Museveni’s special hit squads and cleverly blamed on the elusive leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony. Since the beginning of Nov.2005, western tourists and aid workers have been killed in Northern Uganda on orders of Museveni in a move to play on western government’s feelings of insecurity and have the killings blamed on Kony.
According to a recent to secret Central Intelligence Agency report, that is was Museveni who masterminded the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the Hutu civilians in order to blame it on the Hutu-dominated government. Who shot down the aircraft carrying Presidents Juvenal Habrarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi of 6 April 1994? Who engineered the assassinations of President Laurent Kabila of Congo, President Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi and Major-General Fred Rwigyema, the first commander of the Rwandan Patriotic Army? War is Museveni ‘s favorite pass time.

Sincerely why the CIA has only recently realized that is was Museveni who exterminated the Tutsi of Rwanda in that genocide or the hundreds of thousands of Congolese civilians between 1996 and 2002? Why did the world fail for a long time to connect the Rwanda massacres in which bodies were found without skulls and the thousands of skulls discovered in Luwero Triangle a decade earlier? International investigators say that the helicopter carrying John Garang of the SPLA /SPLM came down inside Uganda and not southern Sudan.
Why is the Ugandan government refusing to cooperate with the investigators into the crash, if it was a crash? Who removed the altimeter of the helicopter from the cockpit before take-off on 30 July 2005 from Uganda to Sudan? With popular unrest against him growing every week and demonstrations breaking out among Makerere University students, the respected Bataka elders of Buganda, and supporters of Dr Kiiza Besigye being arrested and leveled on treason charges, Museveni is now desperate.
Museveni burnt down the Kasubi tomb,what will a desperate Museveni do if he is not stopped by local pressure and if necessary military intervention from the international community? It is important for decision makers, diplomats, and the wider Uganda public to know whom they are dealing with.
Museveni’s psychiatric condition have worsted leading to political pressure leading making him to do crazy things like burning Uganda’s historic sites and building like how the Roman Emperor Nero, who was mad, ordered the burning of Rome! The sequence of Museveni’s strange decisions and erratic public statements is convincing many Ugandans that Museveni could be clinically mad.How can a normal man who is educated tell the authorities to cut down Mabira forest to clear land for “investors” when he knows how this will affect the environment and climate? A confidential report from British intelligence cabled to London on 27 Oct 2005 outlined Museveni’s deteriorating mental condition and said “He has a voracious appetite for all kinds of pleasures and the instincts of a killer untroubled by remorse.
He can be engagingly charming one moment, and ruthlessly destructive the next, Someone affected by hypomania sleeps little and is ceaselessly physically active. “Many people up to now are still puzzled by what happened at the High Court buildings in Kampala. November 2005 when 30 armed men wearing black T-shirts and camouflage trousers entered the compound of the Court and besieged it in front of a crowd of onlookers, diplomats, journalist, and supporters of Colonel Kizza Besigye.
Many equated it with the abduction of the late Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka at the same High Court buildings in 1972 by unknown men. Who abducted Kiwanuka? Was it Idi Amin’s soldiers? Read this document after which the High Court incident in November 2005 will make sense and add up.

We appeal to Museveni’s staff and aides, ministers, army commanders and others around him to take maximum caution,Museveni might be unbalanced mentally but he is also very cunning. He knows that his aides and close ministers and commanders are the same people who will be testifying against him once he is overthrown or is no longer in power.
We appeal to these people in Museveni’s inner circle to take maximum caution because at this rate he is going to start bumping them off one by one to silence them. It is not Kiiza Besigye who is in danger from Museveni. It is Museveni’s own inner circle. This is the most dangerous time in Uganda since 1966! Those in the DP, FDC, UPC do not yet really understand whom they are dealing with. It is a horrifying story of a cunning mind that has ruled Uganda for over 20 years.


Museveni’s origins are mysterious. Many versions of where he was born and his true nationality are claimed. Those who know him view the vague picture surrounding his origins as deliberately created.
He one time said that he was born in Mbarara hospital and does not know his exact date of birth. That was in Mbarara in 1992, April, But later he changed and said it was Ntungamo! This ignorance of his exact birth date is not typical of a man who otherwise boasts of having an incredible memory and ability to recall events that many people have forgotten.
You see, this unclear picture of Museveni’s origin comes from the stigma that Rwandese and Ugandans of Rwandese origin have been subjected to. Yoweri Kayibanda, a.k.a, Rutabasirwa was born around 1943 in Butare, Rwanda. Let him stop lying us that he was born in Uganda! The most informed sources who have known Museveni since his early child hood insist that he and his mother, the late ester Kokundeka, came to Uganda from Butare town where he was born around April 1943.
One of these sources Gertrude Byanima the wife of Boniface Byanyima, the wife of Boniface Byanyima, the national chairman of the Democratic Party says
Museveni came to Uganda as a child from Rwanda.He spent part of his early teenage life in the Byanyima family home in Mbarara town in western Uganda. Byanyila used to pay Museveni’s school fees or at least part of it.
Let him deny it! One time when she was speaking to party supporters at her home in Mbarara on 2 March, 1996, Mrs. Byanyima Said:“ Museveni is just like us here. He came here at 16 and it’s us who brought him up. He was never a good academic performer, the cupboard you see there was Museveni’s library. When you check in it you’ll find his books, a lot on
Imperialism, with his former names Yoseri Tubuhaburwa.”When Byanyima claimed that Museveni “came here at 16”, it was not so clear whether she meant that Museveni came to Uganda at the age of sixteen or that he first visited the Byanyima home at that age.
After she made that claim, some of Gertrude Byanyima’s children Marths, Winnie, Abraham, and Anthony wrote a joint letter whereby they apologized to Museveni for any embarrassment caused to him by their mother’s claim. But mark you, they did not specifically refute or question the substance of what she said! Gertrude Byanyima referred to Museveni as “Yoseri” rather than “Yoweri” and said those were his original names.

It should be noted that during his university days, Museveni used the initial” from a name Tibuhaburwa he had given himself. In full, it comes from the Runyankore expression “Obwengye Tibuhaburwa”, meaning intelligence is natural born, not learned.
In a thesis which he wrote in 1971 titled Fanon’s theory on violence: its verification in liberated Mozambique, the author gave his byline as “By Yoweri T. Museveni.” Many people from western Uganda hold this same view of Museveni’s Rwandese roots and among them are the Banyarwanda of western Uganda or the Rwandese refugees who lived for forty years in Uganda before returning to Rwanda in 1990 .Most of these people give his origins as in Rwanda. Some of these people who know Museveni point out the fact that his mother never spoke any Ugandan language fluently in all her life, but only Kinyarwanda, the national language of Rwanda.

Many times Museveni has been challenged to prove his Uganda roots by showing the public any graves and burial sites of any of his grandparents in Uganda but he has always avoided commenting on that Those challenging him to do so bring up the issue because they know that there is nothing to show and want to put him in an embarrassing position.
The rumors around Museveni’s origins grew intense in 1992, leading him to appear in army combat uniform before a live national TV broadcast.

Editted by Ddungu Musa Evans.