Uganda continues to experience orchestrated death by Museveni’s Regime








For years Ugandans under the leadership of a hard core dictator tyrant Museveni have been experiencing continuous disappearance of their beloved brothers’ fathers sisters and mothers
Under mysterious circumstances as some of these victims are some time being picked by security agents that take them to undisclosed places like government torture safe houses military barracks for those who are lucky may end up at the police station which is as brutal as the army this is as a result of several years of Museveni’s brutalization of the police force.
Several Ugandans have had their members of family being taken by the police and never to see them again and if you try to make an inquiry the police will deny and intimidate you with death threats which has scared some Ugandans to report about the mysterious disappearance of their beloved ones in the hands of government agents For others they have been killed in cold blood like Kayira, Muzora, kigungu and when their member of families public come out to demand government to explain about their death Museveni’s government uses force to silence these people.
Now a new case has emerged again involving the brutal police this has left Ugandans with no safe place to go as the police is so partisan.
The brave wife of Girvasio Rugundana has come out to show the brutality of the Uganda police and its involvement in the disappearance of people that are taken to police
It is now two years since Girvasio Rugundana was arrested from his home in Kibwija, Nyamiriro, Rubindi County in Mbarara District and his family members have never seen him again.
His wife, Dinavensi Mbabazi, says on February 5, 2009, Rugundana was arrested by LC1 defence secretary, Godfrey Tumwiine on allegations that he injured a neighbour’s pig.
Rugundana was taken to Rubindi Police Post and later transferred to Mbarara Police Station. Ms Mbabazi says shortly after his arrest, she went to check on him but was told her husband had been taken to Mbarara Referral Hospital for treatment after the police beating him
However, the hospital says they never received him. Ms Mbabazi says she has since moved to all designated places of detention but failed to trace her husband.
”I went to Kyamugorani, Kakiika, Central police prisons (all in Mbarara), Nyabuhikye in Ibanda, Rwimi in Kasese and Luzira in Kampala. I have failed to find him. I have 10 children and cannot afford to provide for them. Police should produce my husband,” Ms Mbabazi told Saturday Monitor, amid sobs.
Police acknowledges having detained Rugundana but claims he was a mental case. However, family members dismiss it as a cover up for his mysterious disappearance in their hands.
In Uganda the police will give you any sort of excuse as if people with mental cases are not supposed to be treated as human being this shows how the degree of Museveni’s brutalization of the police force.
Now the police force is inhumane and most Ugandans are scared once their people are taken to a police station whether they will see them again. All this showing the darker side of Museveni’s government extra judicial killing.

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  1. Ddungu Musa, Thank you so much for this blog, we know Ugandans face daily harassment by Security Services. It is time for a peaceful fight back. The 24-year old regime will go through People revolt. The time for action has come. Join the demonstration for Peaceful Change. We need to expose the brutality of the regime. This is the time to call upon all Ugandans to Support the cause!

  2. Ddumba thank you for visiting my blog, mostly in this important time of rebelling against the dictator’s Museveni’s regime. we have to keep united in order to achieve our goals. please tell ohers to join us and remove the dictator from Power

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