Deceitful Museveni and a manipulator

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,has been dishonest to Ugandans as he continues to peddle lies the
genesis of his lies began by Museveni deliberately refusing to tell Ugandans
his Country and year of birth this has left room for speculation up to now
and he is taking Ugandans for a rider as he can claim any year in order for him
to continue contesting for leadership in Uganda and this has left room for him
to manipulate the constitution .
 All Sources are divided on Museveni’s exact year and place of birth. While
the year of 1938 is the most prominent in discourse on Museveni.
 Sometimes he says that he was born in 1945 or 1946 but most
Ugandans believe that Museveni was born in Rwanda before first world war 11, this prompted
the members of Action for Change to organize Museveni,s birthday as he is
clocking 73 years old, making him ineligible to contest for presidency in
 Ugandans who have come out to question Museveni his country of birth and
year have been harassed by security agents and being accused of trying to
promote sectarianism and annoying the personality of the president which is a
criminal offence. Some of them have end up in safe
houses and being tortured. We Ugandans have a right to know about his rightful
age and his originality of the person governing us and we request him to at
least mention only 2 generation of his great grand fathers and where they’re
buried .
 As Ugandans we have had enough of Museveni and we humbly request him
come 2016, let him go and contest for leadership [presidency] in his country of
birth Rwanda.
Since Museveni came to power, his rule has been mainly based on tribalism and this has made
certain tribe to become victims like the Acholi ,Langi ,Iteso his forces under
his command have committed a number of war crimes and human rights violation on the people in
Northern Uganda between October and December 1988 the NRA
forcibly cleared approximately 100,000 people from their homes in and around
Gulu town. Soldiers committed hundreds of extrajudicial executions unabated
forcibly moving people, burning down homes and granaries under the watchful eye
of Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh, General Tinyefuza.
 LRA and UPDEF carried out a massacre in Atyak. now of recent the Baganda
have again become his next victims, having already killed a number of the
baganda in Luwero, Museveni using state torture agencies like police, UPDF,RRU,
and VCCU.
 Have arrested a number of baganda that belong to the opposition and they
are rotting and suffering in safe houses.
 Museveni’s army has perpetuated one of the world’s humanitarian crises
in the Great Lakes region, Museveni ‘s
invasion of Rwanda that resulted into death of about 1 million people, then the
invasion of Congo in 1998 also resulted
in an estimated 5.4 million deaths and now he ‘s still killing innocent Ugandans
that try to exercise they constitutional rights like the right to
I hereby condemn the ICC For double standards of failing to issue an
international arrest warrant for Museveni’s atrocities that are well documented
yet they are busy hunting Bashir and son of Gaddaffi.let there be justice for
all not selective justice